Best Central Vacuum Installation Kit – 5 Expert Reviews

You bought an expensive central vacuum and installed it. Within few days, it loses suction power tremendously, or you have a hard time connecting your favorite powerhead hose into the inlet.

Can you imagine how painful it is? This situation may happen when you use a cheap, low-quality installation kit.

Installing the best central vacuum systems can be costly, but luckily, the best central vacuum installation kit makes it easier than ever. Finding the best central vacuum kits is still hard due to its special user base. But don’t worry; these central vacuum kit reviews help you get the best package containing all the accessories to install your central vac effectively.

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Top 5 Best Central Vacuum Installation Kit [Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2022]

1. Central Vacuum 4-Inlet Installation Kit

If you need to install a central vacuum or repair an existing installation, this 4 inlet central vacuum installation kit ensure everything is installed correctly.

There are 125 feet of pipe included in the package. You will get a kit filled with four inlets, low voltage wiring, glue, and PVC pipes. There are two types of inlets in this kit: a low voltage universal one and a high voltage electrified one.

A variety of brands are compatible with the kit, including Honeywell, Nutone, Beam, Eureka, AirVac, and Electrolux.

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The kit is easy to use as well as inexpensive. All of the pipe that is provided with this kit is offered at a factory price. An installation DVD is provided in case you have any problems during installation. The company also offers free technical support at 929-800-2980.

The package also includes all the fittings to complete a complete installation of your favorite central vacuum system. You can install an average home with 3 to 4 bedrooms with the kit.

In general, the 4 inlet central vacuum installation kit is one of the best kits for installing your central vacuum at home or in your office. You can create a central vacuum system from scratch using this kit. It comes with enough pipe and fittings to do so.

What I Like Most

  • You’ll receive a helpful installation DVD
  • The pipe measures 125 feet long
  • The unit is large enough for a 4 to 5-bedroom house
  • You can call for free technical support
  • Fittings required to install central vacuum included
  • Providing good value at a reasonable price
  • It features 4 inlets and works with all brands
  • Offers the option of high voltage or low voltage outlets

My Dislikes

  • If it comes with 18 AWG wires that will be best

2. Universal Central Vac Electric Installation Kit

This complete central vacuum installation kit allows you to install a central vacuum unit in your home easily. An installation guide and easy-to-follow instructions are provided. Includes inlets, elbows, mounting brackets, glue, wire ties, and fittings. 

Typically, anyone can install small to medium homes with this package.

Most direct-connect hoses are compatible with Hayden 1760 style inlets in this kit. You will need to run low voltage wire in a star, loop, or home run pattern to connect the vacuum unit to each inlet. From the hose, you can turn the system on and off directly.

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The kit also comes with Romex wires that run from the input to the nearest electrical outlet. According to the recommended rule, if you have a 30-foot hose, you should have one inlet per 700 square feet of space in your house. To modify your kit appropriately, you should map out your inlet locations before installation.

If you’re looking for the best central vacuum kit, then a kit that is compatible with all types of direct connect hoses would be perfect. Your home can be equipped with an efficient central vacuum system using this kit. Overall, I think the price is definitely worth it.

What I Like Most

  • The installation materials are all included
  • This kit provides different inlet quantities
  • Direct connect hoses work with it
  • An affordable high-quality kit for installing central vacuum systems

My Dislikes

  • A little pricey

3. ZVac Compatible Installation Kit

It is an all-in-one installation kit for ZVac central vacuums. This new product can replace all those central vacuum accessories cluttering up your home. The pipe has 88 feet of length and 3 inlets.

The installation works with any brand and type of central vacuum. You need this to install your central vac quickly and easily.

ZVac produces some of the best central vacuums in the world; this kit comes from them. This installation kit can install any central vac brand, including Beam, Honeywell, Husky, Nadair, NuTone, Dirt Devil, Broan, Vacumaid, Riccar, and many more.

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There is enough pipe in the kit to connect three central vacuum inlets. A complete set of fittings and pipes is included. ZVac and GoVacuum, two top North American vacuum manufacturers, made the fittings.

Their compatibility with most low voltage hoses and accessories for central vacuums is excellent. There are a couple of glues in the installation kit, but you can use any other PVC glue.

ZVac has designed it for use in small to medium homes. Additionally, it comes at an affordable price.

What I Like Most

  • ZVac products are made with OEM-grade raw materials
  • A universal installation kit for all central vacuums
  • An 88-foot pipe is included with it
  • ASTM F2158-compliant fittings and pipes
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Includes vacuum wall plate and fittings

My Dislikes

  • Not enough wire was provided

4. Honeywell Central Vacuum 3-Inlet Installation Kit

Another great option is to install a new central vacuum system in your house. All the items you need for installing a 3-inlet system are included in this kit. 

A leading brand in the industry, Honeywell makes this central vacuum installation kit.

This 3-inlet central vacuum installation & pipe kit includes 80 feet of pipes, low voltage wire, and non-Halex nails to secure the inlet valves and more. You will find everything you need in the kit for the proper installation of your central vacuum.

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The Honeywell 040351 model is suitable for modest homes of about 1850 square feet. Your home’s size will determine how many materials you need. Aside from that, it includes everything you need to install the unit. Two-year warranties are even included on parts.

What I Like Most

  • This package includes everything you need to install a central vacuum
  • An instruction manual is included in this DIY kit
  • There is 80-foot piping included
  • Contains three standard white inlet valves
  • Manufacturer provides two years of warranty for all parts

My Dislikes

  • Insufficient for larger homes

5. Cen-Tec Systems 92817 4 Inlet Central Vacuum Installation Kit

If you are upgrading or installing a central vacuum system, this adapter kit makes the process simple. In the kit, you’ll find four inlets and all the fittings you’ll need for this kind of installation.

The installation process is simplified by installing 2 x 2 adapters.

An installation guide, as well as mounting brackets and adapters, are included in the kit

PVC piping can be connected to central vacuum fittings using these adapters. So, you can run your system using PVC pipe readily available in your home, saving money and time.

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What I Like Most

  • Connect traditional PVC piping with patented 2×2 adapters
  • Non-electric tall inlet with spring-loaded door
  • PVC plumbing can save you money and time
  • Many major brands of central vacuums are compatible with this product

My Dislikes

  • It does take some time

Final Words

A complete installation kit offers tremendous savings over purchasing individual installation parts from different sources. If you are looking to set up or replace your central vacuum system at home.

This top 5 best central vacuum installation kit can simplify the installation process and save a lot of money. All of the pipes, fittings and other accessories needed for installation are included in the package. In addition, instructions are provided on how to install.

Central Vacuum Installation Kit (FAQs)

Which brand of central vacuum is best?

1. OVO
2. Imperium
3. Prolux
4. Nutone
6. Vacumaid
7. Nadair
8. Electrolux
9. Ultra-Clean
10. Allegro

What are the best central vacuum systems?

1. OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System
2. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit
3. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System
4. Nutone Purepower Central Vacuum System
5. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System
6. Ultra-Clean Central Vacuum Canada
7. Allegro Mu4500 Champion
8. Vacumaid GV30PRO Central Vacuum System
9. Nadair 700 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum
10. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Vacuum

Can a central vacuum be installing in an existing home?

You can easily install a central vacuum system in your existing homes.

It is a very common misconception that a central vacuum will require extensive sheetrock removal to be installed in an existing home. Obviously, that is not true. If any sheetrock has to be removed at all, it is usually very little.

It is wire to hire technicians to install a central vacuum system in an existing home.

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