Best Central Vacuum System Consumer Reports – 10 Comparison & Buying Guide

Do you know why most of us dislike cleaning tasks? It is time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes expensive. In this case, the best central vacuum system consumer reports can help you.

That’s right, I’m talking about the central vacuum. It’s a one-stop solution that installs centrally in your home and provides strong sucking to every room. This one-time investment reduces your stress and gives you healthy living space, it also increases property value by more than 2000$.

Find out how to choose the best central vacuum system. Make sure you read to the end.

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In A Hurry? Here Is Our Top 3 Recommended Central Vacuum System

Product Name
Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit
OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System
Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System
Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit
OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System, Filtration (with or Without Disposable Bags) 35L or...
Central Vacuum Unit System with Electric Hose Power Nozzle Kit Color: Red
Suction Power
740 AW (138 CFM)
700 AW (140 CFM)
750 AW (150 CFM)
Dirt Holding
6.25 Gallons (23.6 liters)
9. 25 gallons (35 liters)
5.00 gallons (18.9 liters)
Cleaning Area
7,500 sq. feet
9000 sq. feet
12,000 sq. feet
HEPA air purification, 58 decibels noise, 10-year warranty
2-step air purification, 65 decibels noise, Bright LED screen
Bagless 3 layers filtration, Electric nozzle, 25-year warranty
Product Name
Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Suction Power
740 AW (138 CFM)
Dirt Holding
6.25 Gallons (23.6 liters)
Cleaning Area
7,500 sq. feet
HEPA air purification, 58 decibels noise, 10-year warranty
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Product Name
OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System
OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System, Filtration (with or Without Disposable Bags) 35L or...
Suction Power
700 AW (140 CFM)
Dirt Holding
9. 25 gallons (35 liters)
Cleaning Area
9000 sq. feet
2-step air purification, 65 decibels noise, Bright LED screen
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Product Name
Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System
Central Vacuum Unit System with Electric Hose Power Nozzle Kit Color: Red
Suction Power
750 AW (150 CFM)
Dirt Holding
5.00 gallons (18.9 liters)
Cleaning Area
12,000 sq. feet
Bagless 3 layers filtration, Electric nozzle, 25-year warranty
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Top 10 Best Central Vacuum System Consumer Reports [Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2024]

1. OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

  • Dirt capacity: 9.25 gallons (35 liters)
  • 2-Stage motor provides 700 AW suction power
  • Silent performance with modern muffler and noise-blocking system
  • Covers up to 9000 sq. feet with 8+ inlet
  • Hybrid filtration system with option to use disposable bag
  • Heat protection to prevent overheating
  • Dimensions: 12.52 x 12.91 x 30.2 inches
61cia11TuOL. AC SL1500

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System Reviews

The 2-stage 700 air watts motor effectively collects dust, airborne allergens, and microparticles. The hybrid filtration system gives you the flexibility to use triple-layer disposable bags. You can use this system without disposable bags also. The heat protection feature and an LED screen allow easy maintenance. You can keep cleaning until an LED notify you.

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

Superior Filtration System

Filtration system is critical for any central vacuum system. The OVO has a 2-step air purification system and filtration bags. So, you can expect clean air inside the house with a highly efficient performance.

Heat Protection

Overheating is a rare case in a central vacuum. The heat protection feature makes sure this is never happening. It can safely stop the motor when it produces excessive heat. And in the end, it saves your money for repairs.


‘Soft-Start Technology’ not only stops re-entering dirt and debris. It also makes sure there is no cogging. Additionally, 3 seconds delay built-in feature prevents debris from falling out of the hose and increasing motor lifespan.

It’s Quiet

While cleaning sessions, you hardly notice any sound as it only produces 65 decibels. YES! It is a typical house daytime noise level. Thus, this unit is suitable for pets who do not like noise. You can say it is one of the best quiet central vacuum systems.

Reduced Air-Loss

This central vac is specially developed for a large house. If you are looking for a heavy-duty cleaning system, here it is. The OVO central vacuum system has a 2-stage 700-Watt motor, which produces 140 CFM to cover 9000 square feet.

For Larger Homes

The OVO large capacity central vac system also comes with a one-piece, air-containment gasket to prevent air loss and reduced suction. This unit also comes with the best central vacuum installation kit such as an installation bracket, rubber vibration, and noise-canceling inserts.


  • Soft-Start and delayed shutdown tech = 20% motor lifetime boost
  • LED shows status
  • Washable filter
  • Powerful suction (140″ water lift)
  • Quiet operation (foam padding)
  • Effective at capturing dust and allergens
  • Lightweight with large bin capacity
  • Great for carpets


  • Mid-range price
  • No canister

2. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

  • 2-stage motor generates 740 AW, 138 CFM suction power
  • Covers up to 7500 sq. ft. with only 58 Db noise
  • Dirt capacity: 6.25 gallons (23.6 liters)
  • Micro-lined/HEPA-compatible filter
  • Made in the USA with a corrosion-resistant, non-degradable, and rust-resistant finish
  • Dimensions: 12.87 x 12.87 x 25.75 inches

Imperium Central Vacuum Reviews

If you are looking for CV systems that are versatile, and perform silently, then Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit is one of the best candidates. It has 740 air watts which is enough to clean 7500 square feet. Also, 138 CFM suction power, enables you to easily trap the tiniest dust particles to get a thorough cleaning experience.

Two-Stage 5.7″ Ultra motor producing only 58 decibels. This feature makes it an excellent choice for homes with children or pets. Some consumers say it’s the best central vacuum system for residential spaces as it cleans the house without exhausting pet and successfully reduces bad odor.

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Quiet Operation

Most vacuum systems use mufflers or other technology to minimize noise. Imperium CV300 works silently without any extra device installations. So, you can call it the quietest central vacuum system in recent markets. This low noise level is convenient if you have any problem mounting it in a garage or basement.

HEPA Compatible

Imperium CV300 is compatible with HEPA air purification. If you need a HEPA filter, you can easily change pre-packaged micro-lined filters at any time. However, most vacuum cleaner model does not allow you to upgrade. But this is not in this case.

Large Capacity

It can hold up to 6.25 gallons of dirt. Imperium CV300 has a single micro-lined filter bag. You have to change the bag when it gets full and it takes about 2-3 minutes. This filter bag effectively reduces odors.

It’s Durable

Is the manufacturer trustworthy and reliable? Yes. “Imperium” has produced a central vacuum cleaning system for over 50 years. They use “Galvannealed Steel” which is made of galvanization and annealing process. This type of material is designed to be rust-free, corrosion-resistant, and non-degradable.

The elegant matte finish looks impressive. It comes with a 10-year warranty. However, it will span for up to 25 years. Additionally, the installation process takes around 2-3 hours.


  • 10-year warranty due to Galvannealed steel construction
  • Very quiet at only 58 dB
  • Powerful with 740 watts and 138 CFM
  • Manufacturer has over 50 years of experience in the USA


  • No attachments included
  • HEPA filtration bags may need to be purchased separately

3. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

  • 150 CFM 2-stage motor with 150 cubic feet of airflow per minute
  • Efficient design for up to 12,000 sq. ft. homes
  • Bagless three-level filtration captures dust and allergens (including HEPA and Micron dust trap)
  • 10-year motor and 25-year body warranty for Prolux CV12000
  • 5-gallon (18.9 liters) dirt chamber capacity
  • Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 12 inches
71v T86P6FL. AC SL1500

Prolux Cv12000 Review

Its Amte 2-stage motor generates 150 cubic feet of airflow per minute, which is exceptional for any vacuum. With this extreme power, Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System effectively cleans up to 12000 square feet. Thus, consumers mentioned it as the most powerful vacuum in the US!

3 Layers of Filtration

This central vacuum system doesn’t use a bag that ensures convenient vacuuming and gives fewer things to worry about. It introduces three individual filtration stages: Bagless Dirt Chamber, Micron Pre-Filter, and HEPA Filter.

This removable and washable HEPA filter is convenient for pet owners who struggle with allergies or asthma. These 3 filtration system levels stop spreading the fine dust, germs, and bacteria to the surface area. And provide crisp, clean air.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

25 Years Life-Span

As we always prefer a durable cleaning machine. Prolux CV12000 was built to produce services for a more extended period. Corrosion-resistant steel with a powder-coated cylindrical body ensures that you can use it for a couple of decades without any issue. The 25-year warranty gives you an overview of its sturdy and robustness.

Flexibility and Convenient

Prolux CV12000 is powerful and has a variety of cleaning equipment that helps you clean your house more comfortably. It comes with a 30-foot electric hose. You can control it to switch between two speeds. Additionally, you can use it to turn off the power nozzle and central vacuum unit. The canisters only require emptying two or three times each year.

Electric power nozzles were developed, especially for carpets. Height adjustment settings make it useful on any carpet. These dedicated tools with typical ones make this central vac one of the most flexible and versatile on the market.

You can install Prolux CV12000 for a permanent or semi-permanent fixture. The stunning appearance easily matches the home decor.


  • Dustbin viewing window to indicate when to empty
  • External muffler to reduce noise
  • UL certified motor for safety
  • Suitable for cleaning all types of floors
  • Bypass cooling system for motor
  • 30-foot electric hose with 2-speed switch
  • Powerful and quiet Prolux CV12000 central vac system


  • Not suitable for wet debris
  • Additional inlet hoses and elbows need to be purchased separately if required.

4. Nutone Purepower Central Vacuum System

  • Ultra-silent technology with only 63 dB noise level
  • Nutone 700 air watt central vacuum removes dust, debris, allergens, and fine particles up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Hybrid bagging system with options for bagged and bagless use
  • 6-gallon (22.7 liters) dirt container requires cleaning only once every 6 months
  • Dimensions: 43 x 16.2 x 15 inches
51H5Q2m0hiL. AC SL1000

Nutone 700 Air Watt Central Vacuum Review

Nutone Purepower 7001 model is perfect for both small apartments and large houses. The PP7001 has a powerful high-speed dual-stage motor that produces 500 air watts. It can clean up to 2,500 to 10,000 square feet of home pretty quickly. The durable and corrosion-resistant construction with a multi-direction installation feature makes many supporters.

You will get a sealed HEPA 2.0 filtering that successfully removes 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles from the air. An exhaust carbon filter minimizes carbon dust and particle to produce the cleanest air to breathe.

Disposable Bags

You can choose from different colors to match your home decor and style. The Nutone PurePower 7001 central vacuum system collects dirt and debris without any disturbance. The disposable bags only require one change in 6 months. So, you will get more time to enjoy yourself as your central vac require less maintenance.

Ultra-Silent Technology

America’s “most wanted” vacuums appliance provider “NuTone”. They regularly modernize their products to make them more comfortable. As a result, Nutone PurePower 7001 has not any conventional soundproofing foam or mufflers. The whole body builds with sound-absorbing material to give you a noise-free vacuuming experience.

Convenient and Easy to Use

You will get all features that you need in time vacuuming effortlessly. This quiet central vac system has durable sucking power, and large dirt-holding capacity with a 6-foot-long power cord. This feature saves time and reduces any hassle.

This premium-built quality central vac has a self-cleaning filter to prevent clogging. You can continue your cleaning on the floors, carpets, draperies, and upholstery because you don’t have to stop to clean the filter.


  • Large ergonomic latches on the debris pail
  • Multi-direction vacuum connection for easy installation
  • 10-year parts and 6-year labor warranty
  • Comes with a 6-foot extension cord
  • Effectively eliminates odors and requires low maintenance


  • Some consumers have reported that the mounting bracket bends easily
  • It comes with a thru-flow motor
  • The filter can get clogged with larger debris

5. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum System

  • 600 Air Watt By-Pass motor cleans up to 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Integrated exhaust pipe with direct muffler produces less than 72.3 dBA
  • Bagless or bagged unit options for Electrolux QC600
  • 4-gallon (15.2 liters) dirt bin holds dust, dirt, and allergens
  • Includes anti-vibration mount to prevent damage
  • Electrolux Control System features an LCD Information Panel
  • Dimensions: 38 x 15.2 x 15.2 inches
413lUTuKTSL. AC SL1000

Electrolux Central Vacuum Reviews

The Electrolux QC600 does its cleaning job without disturbing sleeping kids and neighbors. You hardly identify the 72.3 dB sound because it is similar to your dishwasher or washing machine. The integrated exhaust pipe with a muffler ensures quiet and unobtrusive performance.

This lightweight central vac system also cleans up to 8,000 square feet of living spaces. With its 600 air watts power, you cannot face any lack in cleaning time. Electrolux central vacuum systems are known to be among the most effective in cleaning all types of floors.

Go Bagless

This model has a hybrid central vacuum system so that you can select from the bagged or bagless. Very few models allow users to choose from different cleaning methods in single units. If you prefer, bagless units can hold up to 15.2 liters of dirt.

Double Filtration

Electrolux QC600 offers two different filtration systems. If you are concerned about time and want to do your cleaning task with a minimum effort then GORE-TEX™ self-cleaning filters can be handy for you, it does not require a paper bag.

On the other hand, HEPA filters can successfully remove 99.97% of dust, dirt, and allergens. HEPA MicroSeal™ Fresh Air technology ensures that you get fresh air in a healthy indoor environment. 

Motor and Other Features

It remains cool during operations as it comes with a flow-through technology. This protection system reduces malfunctions.

Electrolux comes with one of the best central vacuum powerhead in recent time. It also has various tools such as dusting tools, power nozzles, brushes, crevice tools, and so on to make your cleansing job more comfortable.

Also, the durable steel construction ensures its longevity. The installation process is too simple. You can anchor the vacuum to the wall just by using its mounting bracket.


  • Covers up to 8,000 square feet
  • Quiet performance
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filtration
  • Anti-vibration mount and mounting bracket
  • 10-year parts and labor warranty
  • Durable steel body
  • Dirt chamber requires less frequent emptying


  • Can overheat
  • Installation costs may be high

6. Ultra-Clean Central Vacuum Canada

  • 550 Air Watt electric motor cleans up to 7500 sq. ft.
  • Uses disposable paper and HEPA filter bags for a clean atmosphere
  • Eco-friendly powder coat finish with free exhaust muffler
  • 5-gallon (19 liters) dirt capacity
  • Dimensions: 47 x 19 x 19 inches
51Bu m m%2BIL. AC SL1000

Ultra Clean SC200 Review

Ultra Clean SC200 comes from a reputed manufacturing company. This time they produce one of the best central vacuum systems in the market.

With a stunning design, the Ametek Lamb 2-stage tangential discharge blower produces 121 CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute) airflow that is equivalent to a 125-inch water lift. It can conveniently clean up about 7,500 square feet easily which is quite decent for a medium-sized house.

This unit has versatile garbage collection methods such as a filter bag, metal pail type, disposable paper, etc.

Easy Installations

You can easily install ultra-clean central vacuum systems. With the help of a mounting bracket, you can mount this unit on the wall or the floor; it’s up to you. Considering other listed center vacs, it is somewhat louder, but you can fix it by adding the best central vacuum muffler.

Versatile Filtration System

The ultra-clean central vacuum comes with a high-quality filtration system. You may see most filtration systems stick to either a bagged or bagless design; this unit does both. You can use a collection bag to keep dust or just let everything fall into the bottom of the metal canister bin.

Efficiently Collect Pet Hair

It uses a HEPA microfiber filter to remove dirt and allergens from your home. This central vac unit is also beneficial for you if there is a pet in your house.  Powerful suction effectively collects pet hair placed all over the floor.


  • Hybrid filtration system
  • Large dust collection canister bin
  • Micro-fiber permanent filter prolongs lifespan
  • Built from durable materials
  • Comes with mounting brackets


  • Can be quite loud without a muffler

7. Allegro Mu4500 Champion

  • 600 air watts from Lamb Premium class blower motor
  • 35-foot electric hose cleans up to 6,000 sq. ft.
  • 5-gallon (19 liters) central dirt collection capacity
  • Super-silent central vacuum with only 70dB noise level
  • Micro-Fiber Filtration System traps 3 micrometer dirt particles
  • Dimensions: 11.25″ W x 38.5″ H
91uTspXKk%2BL. AC SL1500

Allegro Central Vacuum Reviews

Best central vacuum system consumer reports found that Allegro MU4500 Champion is known for its various kinds of accessories. It comes with Electric hose and Carpet Powerhead, Dust Mop, Full Garage Kit, Telescopic Extension Wand, Hose Cover, Tool Caddy, Tool Bag, Exhaust Muffler, and more.

2-Stage, 5.7″ Premium Blower Motor produces 124.1 CFM Air Flow which is enough power to clean 6000 sq. Ft. house. With 140.8 inches of water lift suction power, it is one of the most significant water lifters now.

Tangential Bypass System

The separate fan, Tangential discharge feature effectively removes dust and dirt outside your living area. Allegro MU4500 Champion has double ball bearings and a 10 mm shaft to give you durability and silent performance.

So, the tangential bypass motor gets much structural rigidity. Additionally, this feature allows the motor and fan works to segregate. Thus, there is no chance of damaging the engine by harmful debris.

Self-Cleaning Micro-Fiber Filtration

The Allegro MU4500 Champion comes with a self-cleaning Micro-Fiber Filtration system. These patented built-in features provide excellent performance by giving you clean natural air to breathe.

Also, the 12 Ft exhaust line using standard PVC pipe helps you to vent the dirt and dust adequately. You can use a 35′ electric hose and carpet powerhead to make your cleaning task even more comfortable. You can control the motor from the handle as the head come with a 3-way switch.


  • No filter replacements required
  • Outside vented exhaust improves air quality
  • Comes with many accessories
  • Steel body construction for corrosion resistance
  • User-friendly
  • Low noise performance
  • Self-cleaning feature means low maintenance
  • One of the best water lifts in recent markets


  • No LED status reports
  • Expensive central vac system

8. Vacumaid GV30PRO Central Vacuum System

  • Free lifetime telephone support
  • 5.7″ Tangential By-Pass motor generates 740 Air Watts
  • 7-gallon (26.5 liters) dirt and dust holding capacity bin
  • 5-layer filtration system with disposable HEPA bag filters 99.98% of dirt particles
  • Filtration systems and muffler kits reduce noise during operation
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 24 inches
81EtIwhbt9L. AC SL1500

Vacumaid GV30PRO Review

Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc. upholds its reputation for over 60 years of producing Vacuum. If you are passionate about keeping your workspace clean, then the VacuMaid GV50PRO can be your top choice.

It is one of the best conventional garage vacs. You can use VacuMaid GV30PRO both for residential and commercial. This lightweight, sturdy wall-mounted garage and car vacuum handle not only messes like sawdust and screws but also 5-layer filtration systems cleanout fine particles up to 99.98%. Galvannealed steel build and powder-coated ensures corrosion-resistant and durability.

50 Feet Long Hose

The VacuMaid GV50Pro featured the longest hose in the market. You will find a 30- or 50-inches long hose. The 50-foot-long hose is perfect for double or triple-car garages because you can clean up to two cars without moving them. The long hose does not hamper your cleaning experience.

Strong Suction

5.7” Tangential By-Pass motor produces 740 Air Watts which is enough to clean your car, garage, or basement. Another essential feature is that you don’t have to vacuum the same spot multiple times because it picks up the dirt quickly and effectively.

Assortment of Tools

The VacuMaid GV50PRO is an excellent central vacuum cleaner system that comes with all the tools that suit the particular area. Different types of cleaning tools make it easier to clean different surfaces.

You will find the crevice tool to clean the area between the seats and backrest, the brush tool for cleaning the dashboard, upholstery nozzle for the seats. Other tools such as a telescopic wand, crevice tools, floor tools, a hanger, and a caddy bag. Thus, versatile equipment saves your money.

HEPA Collection Bag

The VacuMaid GV50Pro effectively traps fine dust. In this way, you will get allergy-causing dust particles-free clean air. Just remove the bag from the tank when it is full of messes.


  • Picks up wet and dry messes
  • Comes with all convenient cleaning accessories
  • Impressive 30-foot hose
  • Made in the USA
  • Wall bracket for easy mounting
  • Durable steel construction
  • Can be used as a blower
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Generates less noise


  • Can get hot at times
  • Filter bags need to be replaced regularly

9. Nadair 700 AW Compact and Powerful Central Vacuum

  • 2-stage AMETEK USA motor generates 700 Air Watts
  • Electric powerhead cleans up to 6000 sq. ft. of surfaces
  • Integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam produce 70 dBA
  • 5.8 gallon (22 liters) dirt canister
  • LED status indicator shows the central vac’s present situation
  • Hybrid Filtration with option to use disposable bags
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 35 inches
71Jnaf0tViL. AC SL1500

Nadair Central Vacuum Reviews

If you are looking for the best central vacuum cleaner system with the latest technology, then Nadair central vacuum is one of the top candidates. After gaining immense popularity in Canada, they start selling their quality products at an affordable price in the USA.

You can set up to 8 inlets to cover 6000+ square feet of area. 700 air watts never let you feel down when it is related to cleaning. It comes with a soft start and stops technology that successfully increases its motor life by up to 20%. So, you can use it for a couple of decades without any issues.

Hybrid Filtration System

This central vacuum system has a hybrid filtration system that will improve the air quality because it will trap all the dirt to prevent respiratory problems, allergies, or asthma symptoms.

It has three different filtrations systems: disposable bag filtration, cyclonic filtration, and the permanent filter. All are working together to give you clean air up to 99.97 percent.

Silent Cleaning Performance

Your family members never complain when you do your cleaning task. It comes with a soft start and stops technology that extended the 20% life of motors. Nadair central vacuum integrated with muffler and has noise-blocking foam around the motors. So, they hardly notice any sounds. Additionally, it has a heat protection mechanism to cool down or reduce the heat as much as possible.

Sturdy Structure

Nadair Central Vacuum System is entirely built of metal for reliable performance. The motor is designed in this way that can effectively dissipate heat with secure wall mounting facilities. It is also covered with caliber paint that will not fade quickly: motor cover and debris tubes made of corrosion-resistant aluminum that also gives a pleasing appearance.


  • Compact and powerful central vac system
  • Hybrid filtration
  • Large dirt container
  • Comes with a 30ft carpet deluxe accessory kit
  • Quiet cleaning performance
  • Environmentally friendly with modern technology


  • Not suitable for large houses

10. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Vacuum

  • Picks up both wet and dry messes effectively
  • BISSELL Garage Pro includes 7 car detailing attachments
  • 2-stage filtration system collects 4 gallons (15.2 liters) of dirt and dust in a Semi-Translucent Dirt Tank
  • LED full water tank indicator signals when it needs to be emptied
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 26 inches
51CrWaJTvmL. AC SL1001

Bissell Garage Pro Vacuum Review

Who does not know about Bissell Company? They are one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality vacuum cleaners. 18P03 model is a wall-mounted Wet Dry vacuum cleaner that is considered one of the best garage vac.

This model is exceptionally designed to clean out all the messes from garages, basements, and workshops. You can clean all your garage surfaces, floors, and workbench top effectively. It comes with multiple attachments to clean hard-to-reach spaces and upholstery. You can use it as a blower because it has a reverse airflow function.

Transparent Design for Easy Cleaning

This unit comes with a 4-gallon semi-translucent dirt tank that is enough to hold all your garage dirt and debris. This transparent design allows you to see how much space is left. You can remove dirt by pulling the handle side to unlatching; After that, lift the top half of the unit, you can clean the tank. 

You can quickly assemble and mount BISSELL Garage Pro so that there is no need for additional tools. Also, it does not take up much space, so you can place it in any corner.

Multiple Accessories

It comes with lots of cleaning accessories such as a mounting bracket, extension wands, caddy, hose holder, crevice tool, and a 32-inch flexible hose. All the equipment simplifies the process of cleaning rugs, carpets, and different surfaces.

So, you can perform difficult cleaning tasks such as in-between seats and get rid of sawdust. It can easily clean hard-to-reach places to keep your garage spotless. Not only that, you can handle wet messes successfully, such as liquid spills and small flooding incidents.

Multiple Operating Modes

You can use it as a blower too. Just make sure that the hose is clear before you use it. This multiple-operation functionality saves time and money. You can call it an all-in-one cleaning solution for your garage.

Safety Features

It has a built-in thermal protector to prevent overheating. You will see three LED lights. This light indicates different situations such as the green light for switching the vacuum, the red when water capacity reached maximum levels, and the yellow light when the dirt tank is nearly full.


  • Versatile with wet/dry blower function
  • Easy wall mounting
  • 32-ft flexible hose to access hard-to-reach places
  • Easy installation
  • Seven attachments for different functions
  • Convenient operation
  • Can pick up wet and dry debris
  • Bagless design


  • Noisy operation
  • Inadequate suction for large spaces

Best Central Vacuum System Consumer Reports Buying Guide

There is numerous option available in the market but still choosing the best central vacuum cleaner is a challenging task. You have to consider many critical things before you buy them. To help you in that situation, I prepared the best central vacuum system consumer reports buying guide. 

This guide provides all the aspects and Q&A that may bother you. So, read it out to gain in-depth knowledge about the best central vacuum system.

Central Vacuum System Reviews

1. Filtration System

You can be confused to select a specific filtration system. So, I will discuss all central vacuum filtration systems. You may see this technical term that is mainly used for the manufacturer or technical person, such as:

  • Foam and Mesh Filters
  • Weighted Cloth Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Support Cloth Filters

For your comfort let’s discuss in the general terms that we are familiar with in our day to day life such as:

Disposable Filters – You can use this type of filter for up to 4 to 6 months without changing. It is the best choice for indoor air cleanliness and lung health. It requires less maintenance, and replacing is easy to do, like your air conditioner filter. If you want the best performance, keep changing the filter after a specific period to improve airflow and suitable velocity for suction.

Washable Filters – These are the best cost-efficient filters. If you maintain it correctly, you can use a washable canister or filter for up to 2 or 3 years. After regular wash and cleaning of the central vacuum filter and bags, you can keep suction power and airflow at optimum levels.

Permanent Filters – It is similar to cyclonic or central vacuum bagless units. It may last as your system’s lifetime, but it is better to change after 5 to 7 years to maintain adequate suction. It comes with a few problems, such as:

  • After prolonged use airflow decrease
  • It requires a higher maintenance
  • In the bagless systems, you may find mildew, mold, and foul odors

At last, I like to suggest it is wise to pay little money to secure your health by choosing Cartridges, Disposable or Washable filter systems. You can find details on how to clean central vacuum filter?

2. Type of Motor

central vacuum motor

If you think of a central vacuum as a human body, then the motor is like the heart. It is mainly three types, but you can consider it only 2 – thru flow and bypass.

Flow-Through Motor – You can see this type of motor in regular upright and canister vacuum cleaners as it is less expensive and quieter. But larger size has more power. It uses passing vacuumed air over their armature to cool themselves. It requires more care to ensure that it filters the air before bypassing.

Peripheral bypass motor – Considering the price, it is middle-range central vacuum motors. It uses cooling fans to blow fresh air and cool down the armature. It uses only clean air which makes it more reliable.

Tangential bypass motor – It is most common in the central vacuum industry. It redirects all heat and dirt out from the motor chamber and ensures maximum longevity. The sucking power is as strong as your general dual-motor system. So Tangential Bypass Motor is more expensive than others.

3. Power of The Central Vacuum

Air Watts determines the suction power, and it’s a combined term of CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute) and Water Lift. Higher air watt provides mighty suction power. Most CV system engines can produce around 500 to 700 air watts (measurement is taken at the output).

  • 500 air watts – for a small house or condo
  • 600 air watts – for an average size, between 1600 sq. Ft. to 3,000 sq. Ft. house
  • 640 to 700 air watts – only if your home exceeds 3,000 sq. Ft. Or you have a lot of carpet on the floor

4. Coverage Area

It is another crucial factor that should be considered before purchasing and installing a central vacuum cleaner. If you have a large house, make sure your vacuum cleaner can cover all the space efficiently.

5. Noise from The Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a small house, you cannot hide the vacuum in the basement or garage. If you install the central vacuum cleaner in a commonplace, then the noise factor should be considered. You can buy a cleaner that comes with a muffler or sound reduction system that emits around 60 to 70 dBA (audible decibels). 

Thus, you can maintain a quieter environment without disturbing anyone when you do your cleaning job. Because it is normal ambient noise in a house during the daytime.

6. Materials – Built Quality

Most of the central vacuum is built with steel, metallic, and alloy material. These are considered the strongest and the most durable.

7. Central Vacuum Hose

Central Vacuum Hose

Most of the central vacuum system always comes with well length hose. For a big room, you should look for 30 feet hose in length. The longer hose is convenient to reach out to hard-to-reach places from one wall outlet. Also, remember that a crush-proof material build hose is more durable and lightweight.

The best central vacuum hose improves vacuuming efficiency and lets you clean corners without difficulty. It is wise to know how to clean central vacuum pipes so nothing can stop you in terms of having a good-looking shiny floor.

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8. Dirt Separation Method

There are mainly three kinds of dirt separation methods. One is cyclonic (bagless), filtered (hold a disposable bag), and Hybrid (mixed of two ways).

Cyclonic method – In this system, the machine does not use a filter. It spins the air at high speed.

Filtration method – This is the top-rated vacuum cleaner’s filtration system. To catch dirt, it uses a filtered bag in a collection bin.

Hybrid method – Nowadays, you will see this new dirt separation method. In this system, it uses cyclonic motion to collect dirt; additionally, it has a filter bag as well.

If you choose a bagless model, then go for a model that has a viewing window. It will simplify the tank’s maintenance. The final choice is entirely yours according to your requirements and personal preference. But I will say, select one that has at least 4 gallons of dirt holding capacity with a steel body.

9. Central Vacuum Accessories

I know the more accessories it has, the more cheerful and lively it will be while cleaning. Like a portable vacuum cleaner, the central vacuum cleaner also comes with different kinds of best central vacuum attachments to make your life more comfortable; such as dusting brushes, extension wands, crevice tools, two types of beater-bar carpet brushes, and floor nozzles, and sometimes with an amount so that you can hang necessary equipment on the wall.

Central Vacuum Accessories

10. Versatile Features

Nowadays, a central vacuum can be used for various purposes. There is some model that has the feature of blowers. It is an excellent feature if you want to use it for removing leaves and pine straw from your garage. Also, some units can clean up wet spills.

11. Warranty

Before investments, you can check the warranty to make sure you are on the right track. Trusted brands give you a warranty on a different scale for different equipment. So, you can see the motor and electrical components from 5 to 10 years and accessories from 1 to 3 years. But keep in mind that a good central vacuum system can serve you up to 20 years. If you want central vac maintenance tips, this article might help you.

12. Do the Specifications Match Your Home?

Different type of central vacuum is developed. If you want to get the best performance, you have to select one according to your house size. Only the right central vacuum has a sufficient number of suction inlets that can generate adequate power to deep clean.

It does not necessary to set inlets in each room as you have one or two for one floor. So, install it wisely in the most suitable place. If needed, do some math to discover the best place. The central vacuum system consumer reports will help you to get the right product.

13. Is a Central Vacuum Right for You?

Is central vacuum worth it? Though it is convenient to use, they’re not right for everyone. These central vac systems reviews also point out when you should void it. 

  • It is pretty easier to install in a new construction house than the old one.
  • Central vac systems main cost depends on the coverage area and vacuum unit power—the cost increase by the number of wall ports, hose length, and other extra accessories.
  • Suppose you have a small house like 1200 sq. Ft or less. In this case, a center vac may be an expensive choice for you. Also, if you have tile, wood, or stone flooring, sweeping and mopping are the best ways to clean those surfaces. Lastly, if you don’t clean your house regularly, then it is not a smart use of money.

Why You Should Invest in a Central Vacuum System?

Central Vacuum System

Here I will discuss the impressive 6 Advantages of a Central Vacuum System.

1. More Powerful

A central vacuum cleaning system generally has 3-5 times the suction power than upright, canister, or robot models. Also, it is designed for producing long-term professional cleaning performance. The central vac cleans deeper, so you do have not to clean your floor often.

2. Convenient Use

How to use a central vacuum system? After installing a central vacuum system, pulling a vacuum unit across the floors is unnecessary. Because it has several wall outlets where you can plug the hose and use it.  There are no cords plus the hose and wand are lightweight and ergonomic to handle and use. 

You can clean almost anywhere around the house such as ceiling walls, furniture tops, under the sofa, and corners more effectively and fast. You can use it to clean up all the mess in any surface.

VAC pans – You can set a vac pan anywhere you want, such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. It is basically an alternative for dustpans. Vac pans are directly connected to the central vac tubing system. Just use a regular broom to sweep dirt or debris into one of these slots after that the trash is suctioned away.

central vacuum vacpan

3. Long Term Cost-Effective

If you really want to save you valuable money and time, you can go to the best central vacuum system. This system does not require frequent replacements (like upright vacuums) or parts up-gradation (like a robot vacuum cleaner). Once installed, you can use it for up to 20 + years because it is made for the last longer.

4. Quieter Operation

If the upright vacuum noise bothers you? If you are looking for a more silent option, then the CV system is a perfect option for you. It produces the lower decibel output as the motor and collection canister located outside your living place. So, all the collected dirt and debris go straight to the collection canister without leaking into a room.

5. Enjoy Cleaner Air

Do you know most Americans suffer from allergies? They need fresh air. A central vacuum has high-quality air filtration systems to help them to breathe safely. It can successfully pull out dust, dirt, and debris and there is no risk of getting back out of the unit. This is really beneficial for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

6. Increases Your Home’s Value

This investment can make a massive impact on your property’s worth. From the realtor’s perspective, a house with a central vacuum system is more desirable than others. It adds several thousand dollars to its resale value.

Types of Central Vacuums

Kitchen Central Vacuum Systems

This is getting popular with its excellent suction power, powerful motor, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filtration, and lower noise. This is not the only reason it also frees you from carrying heavy vacuum floor to floor and managing long power cords. You can read the types of central vacuum systems post for more information.

  1. Bagged Central Vacuum Systems – This system is the most secure that ensures clean and hygienic air. It not only captures and disposes of dirt, dust, and debris —this type of vacuum also traps 99.9% of microscopic particles and allergens. Bagged central vacuum systems use a disposable bag that increases the motor’s lifespan.
  2. Bagless Central Vacuum Systems – It is easy to use and does not cost to maintain. This system does not require the replacement of bags after every few months. Additionally, it maintains peak suction power even when the canister is nearly full. When it’s time to clean up, just unlatch the canister dump and replace it. That’s it.
  3. Cyclonic Central Vacuum Systems – This unit uses cyclonic separation systems to remove dirt and debris. Cyclonic Central Vacuum is virtually maintenance-free, with no filter or disposable bags.
  4. Compact Central Vacuum Systems – Are you worried you cannot use a central vacuum cleaner because you live in smaller apartments? Don’t worry guys. Here are Compact Central Vacuum Systems for you. It can produce the same suction power as full-size units, and most importantly, you can install its small houses, condos, boats, closets, cabinets, and even RVs.
  5. Wet Dry Central Vacuum Systems – This vacuum can pick up both dry dust and wet spills. It has all the features like a dry vacuum; additionally, it can pick up wet spills, clean carpets, clean, and upholstery. The canister cleaning process is also the same as usual. 
  6. Veterinary Central Vacuum Systems – This is specially designed for industrial use. This commercial-grade high-efficiency unit offers large dirt capacities and hassle-free maintenance.
  7. Hair Salon Central Vacuum Systems – Are you waiting for a commercial central vac system. Here it is, you can use it, particularly for hair salons and barbershops. It efficiently cleans and saves a lot of cleaning time without stirring up hair.
  8. Kitchen Central Vacuum Systems – Central vacuum also has a kitchen edition. If you want to use it only for the kitchen cleaning task —this type of vacuum is dedicated to doing that. But you can install it wherever you want, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, or cabinets.
  9. Allergy Central Vacuum Systems – This type of vacuum has a hospital-grade filtration system. It effectively improves indoor air quality by filtering up to 99.95% of fine dust, allergens, and other microparticles —along with HEPA disposable bags make it the best choice for asthma or allergies patients.

How To Use Central Vacuum System Effectively?

You will get a sparkling, clean house if you use the central vacuum system correctly. Do you know how to operate a central vacuum system to get the best results?  Here are some quick tips for using Center VAC efficiently.

  • Make sure your machine is alright, such as it is installed properly, and there is no damage done like an accident.
  • Plug the hose in the slot properly.
  • Attach your preferred cleaning head to the hose.
  • Turn on the power to start cleaning. You will see an on/off switch in the suction inlets.
  • Switch the power off after your cleaning is done. Also, switch off when you want to rest some moments, saving electricity bills!
  • Do regular cleaning to maintain a fresh, hygienic environment.

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Tips and Tricks for Upkeeping Your Central Vacuum System

Every machine needs proper care to last longer. So, let’s scan some tips that help your vacuum to produce the best cleaning results in minimum effort.

  1. If you use a filter vacuum system, change it regularly because the clogged filter will not give you full cleaning satisfaction.
  2. Try to empty the inner vacuum bag or dirt canister when it is 70% full. In general, you will need to clean the dust collection bin two or three times per year.
  3. Central Vacuum system experts recommend checking the system every few years. They can foresee any potential future problems. So, you can get prepared for that and prevent any messes.

How To Install Central Vacuum System?

Most people think the central vac system is complex to install. So, they need to hire a professional guy, and its costs extra money. But the scenario is not the same. You can install a central vacuum system, no matter you are a DIY person or not.

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5 Steps To Install Central Vacuum System

Step 1 – Get an idea of the area you want to cover. This will help you determine the size of the system and any other necessary components. Buy power unit/collection bin, piping, receptacles, wiring, and other supplies.

Step 2 – Position the vacuum cleaner on a ladder, securely fasten wires to the power unit, then secure wires to the vacuum cleaner using clamps or wire ties. Install the power unit near on flat, level surface, or exterior wall. Don’t box it up.

Step 3 – Install the inlet valves/receptacles. Make sure you can reach all parts of the room from the outlet. Mark and cut holes in the drywall.

Step 4 – Connect the piping to the power unit using glue. Use hangers and elbows were needed to support pipes. Close all gaps around the pipes with caulking and seal. Find and connect all other necessary vacuum components, such as hose clamps, filters, and collection bins.

Step 5 – Once installation is complete, make sure to test the system thoroughly before putting your furniture back in place. Central vacuum systems work best when they’re properly configured and maintained.

Central Vacuum Comparison Chart

FeatureCentral VacuumTraditional Vacuum
PowerMore powerful and consistent suctionSuction power may vary depending on the model and age
NoiseQuieter as the motor is located away from living areasLouder as the motor is located in the same unit
ConvenienceEasier to use as there’s no need to drag a heavy machine aroundRequires carrying or dragging a heavy machine around
CoverageCovers more area as it is designed to clean the entire homeOnly cleans the area that the machine can reach
AllergiesRemoves allergens and dust particles from the air more effectivelyMay stir up allergens and dust particles during use
MaintenanceRequires less maintenance as the system only needs occasional filter replacementRequires regular cleaning of filters and canisters
CostMore expensive initially, but may save money in the long run due to durabilityLess expensive initially, but may need to be replaced more frequently due to wear and tear

History of Central Vacuum Systems

central vacuum brands

The central vacuum system has a long, rich history. An early model came in the market in the 19th century, but due to low suction power, it does not gain massive popularity at that time.

In the 1930s, it became popular in the United States. At that time, a new motor was designed that can successfully produce enough sucking power for an entire house. PVC pipes are available for use in the 1960s then central vac becomes more affordable for middle-class homes. The demand was getting higher to prevent allergy in the 1990s.

Over time it is equipped with many advanced technologies and you can get top-rated vacuum cleaners quickly.

Best Central Vacuum System – Final Verdict

Congratulations! After reading the complete analysis of the best central vacuum system, you can successfully purchase a perfect product that will fulfill all the requirements and give you the ultimate cleaning experience.

Our team made this list by their practical experience and a couple of months of research. So, this best central vacuum system consumer reports definitely help you.

Central Vacuum System Reviews (FAQs)

What is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system is a centralized vacuuming system that is permanently installed in a home’s garage or basement—a central motor connected to the tube in the walls and produces high sucking power throughout the house.

There is no need to move a vacuum from room to room because each room has a suction port. Just connect the hose to an outlet and clean all the dirt and dust in your house. All the debris gather apart from your living place in the container. For more info on what is a central vacuum system?

How Much will a Central Vacuum System Cost?

Price is an essential factor that determines most of us selections. It also true that expensive products are not always producing the best service.

Considering those facts, I listed the Top 10 Best Central Vacuum System for The Money that fits your budget and fulfills all your desires and requirements.

Typically, buying and professional installing will cost around 1k up to 3k depending on the size of your house and the accessories you need.

Where Else can I Install a Central Vacuum System, Apart from My Home?

You can install a central vacuum system in your offices, recreational vehicles. If you like to go on a long trip you can install it on your RVs. But the RVs model is not as powerful as homes.

How Often Should I Empty the Collection Bag?

Most manufacturers and cleaning expert-recommended emptying the vacuum’s collection bags or container bin when they’re 2/3 full. If you miss these tips then probably you will notice a frequent clog up. It may decrease the cleaning efficiency, too.

Are Central Vacuums Safe for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers?

We know dust and fine dirt such as mold, pollen, dust mites, roaches, pet dander trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. In the central vacuum system, you have to change the bag or empty the canister outside the house. So, there is no chance of lung-irritating particles emitted into your house.

Do Central Vacuums Clog Easily?

Central vacuums are less likely to clog than standard vacuums because it has a strong motor and wide tube. But if you see any clog, then you can remove it simply using your finger.

Can I Replace the Filter Head?

Yes! You have to replace the filter head after a particular time. In this case, you should follow manufacturing instructions because different brands, models have different timeframes.

After reading these central vacuum system reviews you know that changing the filter head is not a big issue. Just take off the unit’s lid, pull out the old filter, and insert the new one, that’s it

Which is a Better Vacuum Bagless Or Disposable Bag?

The bagless vacuum has a larger space in its container, so it requires less maintenance. The bagless vacuum is likely to get clogged often.

On the other hand, you have to replace a disposable bag when it’s nearly full. But it is super easy to clean. I like to say; the final selection depends on you. Go for what you feel comfortable.

What to Do if My House Footage is Less than the Coverage Area?

You can buy a model that matches your house areas. But if you select a central vacuum system that has more coverage area than your house then you will get an exclusive cleaning experience. Powerful central vac will easily cover your house floor space with fewer inlets.

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