Best Central Vacuum Hose For Effortless Cleaning

You can simplify your daily life just by installing the best central vacuum systems in your home and office. Best Central vacuum systems come with the main vacuum unit, a flexible hose, and multiple outlets.

Instead of moving the entire vacuum unit from one location to another, move the hose to the location you’d like to clean with a central vacuum system.

You should replace your central vacuum hose after some time to improve its vacuuming efficiency. If you want to avoid hassles in finding the right central vacuum hose, make sure the hose you purchase fits the wall inlet properly.

In this article, you’ll find reviews of some of the best central vacuum hose. I will provide a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in finding the best one that suits your needs.

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Central Vacuum Hose Comparison Table

NamePowerheadTypeDiameter (Inch)Length (Feet)ColorWeight (Pound)
Cen-Tec Systems 94093Air DrivenLow Voltage1.37535Pearl Gray9.18
Broan-NuTone CH515Electric (Pigtail)Electric1.3830Gray7.3
Cen-Tec Systems 91353Air DrivenLow Voltage1.37540White9.3
AirVac V510PS DeluxeBothElectric (Pigtail)1.530Light Grey8.48
OVO Central Vacuum HoseAir DrivenLow Voltage1.540Black9
Plastiflex Dust CareElectricElectric (Direct)1.535Light Yellow9.48
Cen-Tec Systems 99867Air DrivenBasic1.2550Silver8.65
MD Central Vacuum HoseElectricLow Voltage1.530Chrome6.47
Beam Compatible Electric HoseElectricElectric (Direct)1.535Light Grey8.18
Vacuflo 7352-30 HoseElectricLow Voltage1.530White8.73

Top 10 Best Central Vacuum Hose [Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2024]

1. Cen-Tec Systems 94093 Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Air-driven powerhead
  • Type: Low-voltage
  • Internal Diameter: 1.375 inch
  • Hose Length: 35 feet
  • Color: Pearl gray
  • Hose sock: Yes
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 9.18 pounds
71bwKkEUFKL. AC SL1000

Cen-Tec Systems 94093 Review

The central vacuum brand, Centr-Tec, is one of the most popular on the market. So, finding a central vacuum hose of the same name is not surprising. With the Cen-Tec Systems 94093, you can easily connect any central vacuum system to your central vacuum system.

It is 35 feet long and measures 1.375 inches in diameter. Almost all standard homes can utilize this range. Using a Eureka, NuTone, Honeywell, VacuMaid, Beam, or Electrolux is perfectly fine. Several other brands are also compatible, including Imperium, Hoover, Vacuflo, Husky, and Cyclo Vac.

The 360-degree swiveling handle gives users one-handed control and makes cleaning easy and convenient. The handle is ergonomically designed so that it can be cleaned from anywhere. It also has an on/off switch on its handle.

Your hardwood floors and furnishings will be protected since the hose has a sock already attached. The hose’s exterior is smooth, so you can easily run it over wood floors, around corners, and through doors without damaging your furniture.

Due to its low voltage, this hose is only compatible with air-driven (turbo) powerheads. As a result, electric powerheads won’t work with it.


  • Lightweight material
  • 35-foot crush-proof hose
  • Swivel handle and ergonomic design for convenience
  • On/off switch at handle
  • Fits most central vacuum brands
  • Hose socks protect walls, floors, baseboards, etc


  • Electric powerheads are not compatible
  • Hose may occasionally kink due to thinness

2. Broan-NuTone CH515 Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Electric powerhead
  • Type: Electric (Pigtail)
  • Internal Diameter: 1.38 inch
  • Hose Length: 30 feet
  • Color: Gray
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 7.3 Pounds
611evkPp5ML. AC SL1000

Broan-NuTone CH515 Review

Broan-NuTone CH515 is one of the best electric hose on the market today. An integrated swivel handle is attached to the 30-foot hose, which is 1.38 inches wide. The handle is very comfortable to use for cleaning.

With this lightweight hose, you’ll be able to reach those hard-to-reach areas in your home. It comes with an electric outlet to use with electric inlets. A dark gray finish ensures long-term use and durability. A soft-touch grip handle provides a comfortable grip and allows the vacuum hose to rotate 360 degrees.

The on/off switch has three positions, making it easy to use. This hose is designed for use with Broan NuTone central vacuums, but it can also be used with most other brands with standard inlets on the wall. A patent on this hose will allow it to fit other standard inlets. You may store the hose in the storage hanger while not in use.


  • Swivel handle can swivel 306 degrees
  • Thumb slide allows for easy functionality selection
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • UL-approved product
  • Crush-proof design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sufficient length on power cord
  • Integrated storage hanger for convenient storage


  • A bit expensive

3. Cen-Tec Systems 91353 Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Air driven powerhead
  • Type: Low-voltage
  • Internal Diameter: 1.375 inch
  • Hose Length: 40 feet
  • Color: White
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 9.3 Pounds
817+5SfBuMS. AC SL1500

Cen-Tec Systems 91353 Review

If you need a longer hose, then this one might be your best option. Compared to Cen-Tec Systems 94093, this Central Vacuum Hose gives you five more feet in length. It has the same diameter of 1.375 inches and a length of 40 feet.

It also features a 360-degree swivel handle for a comfortable grip, just like its sibling. In addition, the vacuum can be turned on or off by the handle.

It is a versatile hose as well as a long reach. Also compatible with Cen-Tec central vacuum systems, the wall inlet also allows it to be plugged into industry-standard wall outlets. Besides Beam, Electrolux, Honeywell, and Imperium, it also works with a variety of other brands.

You should also remember that this hose is intended to be used with Power Nozzles driven by turbines, not with electric ones. There is no voltage flowing through this hose since it is low voltage.


  • Compatible with most central vacuum receptacles
  • Handle has convenient on/off switch
  • 360-degree swivel handle
  • Long reach
  • Crush-proof design
  • User-friendly design
  • Compact and flexible


  • Sometimes kinks
  • Does not come with a sock

4. AirVac V510PS Deluxe Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Both electric and air-driven powerheads
  • Type: Electric (Pigtail)
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 30 feet
  • Color: Light grey or dark grey
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 8.48 pounds

AirVac V510PS Deluxe Review

The AirVac Deluxe V510PS is another option to consider when replacing your central vacuum hose. The pigtail design ensures a reliable connection to electric powerheads such as the Wessel Werk EBK 360.

The 30-foot hose has a standard internal diameter that is compatible with most 1.5-inch wall inlets.

Hoses like these work with high-voltage and low-voltage power brushes to operate the central vacuum. All air-driven powerheads and accessories will also work with this hose. A swivel handle is located on the hose’s opposite end, making cleaning convenient. The vacuum can also be switched on or off through the three-way switch at your fingertips. Another unique feature is the suction control ring.

Last but not least, this hose works with both air-drive and electric powerheads. This is a huge plus point, in my opinion.


  • Suitable for both electric and air-driven powerheads
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • Suction control ring included
  • 3-position switch on the handle
  • Crush-resistant
  • Lightweight design
  • Suitable for most central vacuums
  • Various suction settings available


  • Can easily kink due to thin design

5. OVO Universal Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Air-driven powerheads
  • Type: Low-voltage
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 40 feet
  • Color: Black and grey
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
61VmJkPkC2L. AC SL1000

OVO Universal Central Vacuum Hose Review

This is the perfect match for those with OVO central vacuum systems. As a universal hose, it is compatible with most brands. All you need is a standard wall inlet to fit this.

You can choose between 35 and 40 feet in the OVO central vacuum hose if you require a longer hose. To connect the hose to the inlets, the diameter must be 1.5 inches inside.

Despite its crush-resistant design, OVO’s universal replacement hose increases your vacuum’s efficiency over time. Furthermore, it is 30 feet long, making it ideal for homes of all sizes. This unit can cover an area of up to 950 square feet.

With its crushproof properties, the hose is perfectly suitable for households with children. After being stepped on, the hose retains its shape without being damaged.

The Turbo (Air Driven Turbine) nozzles are also compatible with this low-voltage hose. You can turn on and off the device directly through the handle. The hose doesn’t need to be removed from the inlet every time you turn on or off the central vacuum. It is, therefore, not compatible with electric powerheads.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easily accessible on/off switch
  • No danger of crashing
  • Compatible with most wall inlets


  • Not compatible with electric powerheads

6. Plastiflex Dust Care Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Electric powerheads
  • Type: Electric (Direct Connect)
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 35 feet
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 9.48 pounds
61Pq371Y2iL. AC SL1010

Plastiflex Dust Care Central Vacuum Hose Review

Plastiflex offers a universal central vacuum hose that is worth mentioning here. The unit is crush-resistant and will fit most brands with the standard 1.5-inch wall outlets.

The hose measures 35 feet long, which is considerably longer than most others. This makes it an ideal choice for medium-sized and large houses. This allows you to reach farther, especially in large rooms.

You should know that the Plastiflex Dust Care is a direct-connect hose. Because of this, it does not include a power cord. The hose has a two-pin connected to its end. Ensure that they both fit your inlet setup.


  • Lightweight design
  • Crush-proof
  • Relatively long
  • Convenient on/off switch on the handle
  • Designed to fit most central vacuum hoses


  • Not very flexible and thus not likely to kink

7. Cen-Tec Systems 99867 Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Air-driven powerheads
  • Type: Basic
  • Internal Diameter: 1.25 inch
  • Hose Length: 50 feet
  • Color: Silver
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 8.65 Pounds

Cen-Tec Systems 99867 Review

In terms of industrial and domestic central vacuum systems, Cen-Tec is a leading brand. Therefore, this list includes three options. Lastly, we have the Cen-Tec Systems 99867.

It is very long (50-foot) and is suitable for use in very large homes and commercial establishments. You should consider 30-35 feet long and no longer than 40 feet for small to medium-sized homes.

Even though it is long, it is highly durable. The crush-proof and flexible design makes it a durable product that lasts many years. Moreover, similar to the other two Cen-Tec Systems hoses we discussed; this one is compatible with most central vacuum systems.


  • Crush-proof design
  • Cost-effective
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with most central vacuums
  • Ideal length for large homes or commercial use


  • Occasional kinks may occur
  • No on/off switch
  • Not compatible with electric powerheads

8. MD Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Electric powerheads
  • Type: Low-voltage
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 30 feet
  • Color: ‎Chrome
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: ‎6.47 pounds

MD Central Vacuum Hose Review

The MD low-voltage hose is another option for replacing a central vacuum hose. This 30-foot hose will work with most central vacuum wall ports and is long enough for most homes.

Compatible with vacuum wall valves with low voltage metal contact points inside the 1.5″ (or so) diameter hole. Low-voltage hoses have an on/off switch at the handle and can rotate 360 degrees, making them very convenient.

This low-volt hose for central vacuuming offers top-notch airflow, long-term durability, and long-lasting performance. However, you cannot use an electric powerhead with it. Replacement hose which is excellent for use with any air-driven non-electric vacuum brush, such as the TurboCat.


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Compatible with all central vacuums
  • Suitable for most 1.5-inch wall outlets


  • Inlets on the wall are a little tight
  • Not compatible with electric powerheads

9. Beam Compatible Electric Hose

  • Designed For: Electric powerheads
  • Type: Electric (Direct Connect)
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 35 feet
  • Color: Light grey or dark grey
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: 8.18 pounds
41DwVVe0DhL. AC

Beam Compatible Electric Hose Review

A direct connection central vacuum hose such as this is another option. Two pins are attached to the hose end so it can be plugged into the wall inlet. There is no separate power cord. The two pins connect to power as soon as you insert your hose into the inlet.

Once the circuit is complete, you can turn on the electric powerhead to get to work. The handle features a convenient switch. Thus, you can switch on the system, turn off the floor head, and enable suction from one location.

Clean-up is made easy and fun with this ergonomic handle. It is also quite comfortable to hold.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flexible but crush-proof
  • User-friendly design
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Compatible with most central vacuums


  • Quite expensive

10. Vacuflo 7352-30 Central Vacuum Hose

  • Designed For: Electric powerheads
  • Type: Low-voltage
  • Internal Diameter: 1.5 inch
  • Hose Length: 30 feet
  • Color: White
  • Crush-Proof: Yes
  • Weight: ‎8.73 pounds
61MbLqIU84L. AC SL1500

Vacuflo 7352-30 Review

We still have a low-voltage hose to add. It only fits Vacuflo “Automatic” inlets.

One end of the hose is equipped with two prongs to complete the electric circuit. You cannot use this hose with an electric powerhead as it is low-voltage. Air-driven powerheads are the only ones suitable for cleaning the house.

Hoses of this type offer several advantages. A comfortable grip is the first thing to note. It features a 360-degree swivel handle so you can easily clean from all angles. The handle is also strategically placed with an on/off switch.

Finally, the button lock feature lets wands remain in place once connected.


  • Switch to control low-voltage operation
  • Handle with comfortable grip
  • Swivels 360 degrees for ease of use
  • Compatible with wands with button locks
  • Air relief valve to control suction
  • Compact and crush-proof
  • Convenient hose rack for storing hoses


  • Works with only Vacuflo central vacuums
  • Incompatible with air-driven powerheads

How To Identify The Best Central Vacuum Hose

Knowing the type of hose you need for your central vacuum before purchasing is important. This section will provide information on all central vacuum hoses and their compatibility with end-wall inlet valves.

Here’s a table comparing the top 7 differences between a basic central vacuum hose, a low voltage central vacuum hose, and an electric central vacuum hose:

FeatureBasic HoseLow Voltage HoseElectric Hose
PowerNo powered brush, uses suction onlyLow powered brush, powered by low voltageHigh powered brush, powered by electricity
CompatibilityCompatible with most central vacuum systemsCompatible with most central vacuum systemsOnly compatible with central vacuum systems that support electric hoses
ConvenienceLighter weight and more maneuverable than electric hoseHeavier and less maneuverable than basic hose, but lighter and more maneuverable than electric hoseLess maneuverable due to the weight and electrical cord
CleaningSuitable for bare floors and low pile carpetSuitable for low to medium pile carpet and some bare floorsSuitable for all types of flooring, including high pile carpet
NoiseQuieter than electric hose due to absence of a motorQuieter than electric hose due to lower powered motorLouder than basic and low voltage hose due to higher powered motor
CostLeast expensiveModerately pricedMost expensive
DurabilityLess durable due to the absence of a powered brushMore durable than basic hose, but less durable than electric hoseMost durable due to the powered brush and higher quality materials
MaintenanceRequires the least amount of maintenanceRequires occasional maintenance of the brush and electrical connectionsRequires regular maintenance of the brush and electrical connections

Here’s a table comparing the top differences between a basic vs low voltage and an electric central vacuum hose in terms of their compatibility with different types of wall inlets:

FeatureBasic HoseLow Voltage HoseElectric Hose
Wall Inlet CompatibilityCompatible with wall inlets from 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches with adapters available for different sizesCompatible with wall inlets from 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches with adapters available for different sizesCompatible with wall inlets from 1-7/16 to 1-5/8 inches, with the option to use a 110-volt electrical connection for wider or narrower inlets
Electrical ConnectionsNo electrical connections, suction is generated through contact with metal nubs inside the inletLow voltage electrical connections, allows the switch to turn suction on and off through contact with metal nubs inside the inletElectric (110-120V) electrical connections for power, may require different electrical connections depending on the diameter of the wall inlet
VoltageN/ALow voltage (24-30V)Electric (110-120V)
Shock RiskNo risk of shock when metal nubs inside the inlet are touchedNo risk of shock when the switch separates low voltage nubs and hosesMay pose a risk of shock if using the wrong electrical connections or mishandling the hose near the wall inlet

How to Pick the Best Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

Buying a hose only to discover that it won’t fit in the inlet is useless. Alternatively, you might need to replace your central vacuum powerhead as well. You can prevent all of these scenarios by knowing what to check.

So, what are the key factors to consider? Let’s take a look at the following:

1. Type and Compatibility

Compatibility is the most important factor to consider when replacing the central vacuum hose. Obviously, if the inlet is too large, the hose will not fit. Also, a narrower inlet will work, but the hose may be too tight.

In this case, you would have difficulty inserting and removing the hose. This could lead to damage to the inlet. The receptacle wall inlets on central vacuum systems are typically 1.5 inches. The majority of replacement hoses are also compatible with these standard inlets. Almost every product reviewed here is compatible with central vacuums.

Electric hoses are another factor that impacts compatibility. Direct Connect Hoses have plugs attached to them. Therefore, the vacuum’s inlet wall features an electrical outlet.

Pigtail Electric Hoses have a separate power cord that requires connecting to another outlet. Make sure that you take a close look at your wall inlets before you choose a hose.

Low-Voltage Hoses are equipped with a switch that allows you to turn on and off.

2. What Type of Powerhead Do You Have?

Is your powerhead electric? If so, you will need an electric hose. On the other hand, you can use a low-voltage (straight-suction) hose if you are using a turbo (or air-driven) powerhead. However, low-voltage hoses only work with select turbo nozzles.

3. Kink-Resistant and Crush-Proof

A high-quality, heavy-duty hose will last longer. In this manner, it will not break or crush easily. You can expect a crush-proof replacement hose when you buy any of the hoses on our list.

The majority of hoses kink at some point during their lifetime, especially thin, light hoses. It depends on how you use the vacuum. You will not be able to clean efficiently if your vacuum hose is kinked. If you’re careful enough, you won’t get kinks. The good news is that kinks are easy to remove.

4. Inner Diameter of the Hose

We must consider a hose’s internal diameter when determining its width. It is not surprising that narrower hoses generate more suction. A wider hose allows you to pick up even large debris. An extensive hose may hamper suction.

5. Hose Length

You can replace a hose at different lengths. For most homes, 30 feet is sufficient. You can use a 35, 40, or 50-foot hose if you have a larger room. There’s no need for a long hose if each room already has several wall inlets.

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6. Hose Sock for Delicate Surfaces

A hose sock protects delicate surfaces from scratches, discoloration. Some hoses come with sock covers designed to protect hardwood and vinyl floors, walls, and baseboards. It is a rare find to find such hoses. There’s no need to worry about this as hose socks are easily found and not too expensive. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best central vacuum hose sock and explain their uses in this article.

7. Your Budget

Last but not least, how much do you want to spend? The majority of hoses cost less than 200 dollars, with many of them being under that amount. For less than 100 dollars, you can buy a replacement hose. We include the best central vacuum hose under $100.

It might cost more if you want all the best central vacuum attachments to reveal your vacuum’s true power.

Final Words

Central vacuum systems offer many advantages over portable vacuums today. As central vacuums have large, powerful motors, they produce great suction power while being quiet at the same time. As well, cleaning various rooms of your house won’t require heavy lifting. There’s just one thing you need to carry: a lightweight hose.

It can be challenging to find the high-quality best central vacuum hose that meets both your needs and your budget. There are several products above that offer most of the functionality you need at an affordable price range.

Make sure it fits perfectly on the wall inlets, is durable, easy to handle, and long enough to cover your floors. We have selected the most suitable options based on our extensive research.

Best Central Vacuum Hose (FAQs)

Are central vacuum hoses interchangeable?

Almost all of these central vacuum components are interchangeable. You can also purchase them separately.

How do you determine central vacuum hose compatibility?

1. Basic Hose fits all wall inlets from 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches.
2. Low Voltage Hose is compatible with 1-7/16″ to 1-1/2″ wall inlets.
3. Electric Central Vacuum Hose works with 1-7/16″ to 1-5/8″ wall inlets.

What is the ideal central vacuum hose length?

The standard central vacuum hose length is 30 feet. You can clean up to 950 square feet with the length. There are also 35,40,50 feet available as well.

Are central vacuum hoses universal?

Yes, most of the time. If your central vacuum system is less than 20 years old then probably you have universal wall inlets which measure 1.5″. These can easily connect to universal hoses.

Can you use any central vacuum hose?

Yes, as long as they are compatible with your existing central vacuum system.

Are all central vacuum inlets the same?

No, universal hoses will fit your system as long as your wall inlets measure 1.5″.

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