Best Downspout Filters Reviews – 7 Different Types!

Who does not want a clean gutter that carries rainwater away from their living space? It’s also great to store fresh rainwater for emergency use or gardening purpose. Don’t you think so?

On the other hand, a clogged rainwater cistern is frustrating. Not only that, clogged underground downspout drainage systems are a health hazard and unsightly, no matter how hard you tried to keep them clean.

If you don’t want to go through this situation then install the best downspout filter and the best gutter downspout extensions.

Why best, because there is a wide range of options available, making it difficult to choose one that can do the job well.

Don’t worry I will assist you; Here you will find the top 10 best gutter downspout filters and extensions that will fulfill your requirements without damaging your home texture.

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Top 10 Best Downspout Filters [Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2022]

1. The Gutter Guard Wedge Downspout

The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard
1,173 Reviews
The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard
  • 4-PACK: Secures in downspout but unlike filters and strainers, works toward removing leaf build-up through its Wedge design - allows leaves to push up, dry off and blow out of the gutters!
  • The Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard Fits All 2 in by 3 in Standard Downspouts, and fits best in standard 5" gutters (most common)
  • Easy To Install; No Tools Needed; Keep Gutters Flowing - Eliminates Messy Clogging By Directing Leaves and Debris Away From Downspout Openings
  • Connectors Included To Connect Wedges Together For Downspouts Located Away From Corners of a Home; Arrives flat but assembles in minutes with no tools required! Made in U.S.A
  • The Variation is for 5" Gutters with 2" by 3" Downspouts. For 6" gutters, search for item: B08FCPGKVX

The Gutter Guard Wedge Downspout Review

Let’s start with a premium product from the Gutter Guard. It offers the same level of protection as a complete gutter guard system but at a fraction of the cost.

The Wedge gutter guard fits into any 2-inch x 3-inch downspout and also works within a standard 5-inch gutter.

Its wedge design pulls leaves upwards, allowing them to dry and blow away. The installation is simple, and it can be assembled in minutes without any tools. The package includes connectors for connecting the wedges together.

While Gutter Guards make downspouts easy to install, their primary purpose is to prevent leaves from piling up like other filters and strainers.

As a result, the drain openings are kept clear of debris so that rainwater can drain quickly and effectively.


  • Wedge design helps leaves and dirt dry off
  • More affordable than other gutter guards
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works with most standard downspouts
  • Prevents leaves from clogging downspouts
  • Suitable for different types of downspouts


  • May struggle to filter debris and leaves during heavy storms

2. Patio Eden 6 Pack Stainless Steel Downspout Filter

Downspout Cover 6-Pack: 100% Stainless Steel Down Spout Drain Cover, Rust Resistant Gutter Guard,...
  • 100% Stainless steel: Keep your gutter system working beautifully with downspout leaf filters designed to last. Unlike plastic downspout screens that soon break or cheap metal ones that quickly rust, ours are made using weather-resistant stainless steel that remains rust-free.
  • No more clogging: Save yourself the hassle of constantly unclogging your gutter; protect your wallet from pricey repairs. With a pack of 6 downspout guards in every set, you’ll be able to keep leaves, dirt, and debris out of your downspout pipes the simple and effective way.
  • No tools needed: Have your downspout screen installed in seconds. Just place the gutter drain guard into the downspout hole and push into place. We’ve designed our downspout guard to stay in place year round; so no constantly climbing up the ladder to reposition them.
  • Fits most gutters: Not quite sure about the size of your downspout holes? No need to worry. The 3-inch gutter strainer can be easily bent and molded to fit your gutter system. This means a perfect fit and better filtering efficiency.
  • Rodent Repellent: This innovative gutter rodent guard not only keeps leaves out, it also keeps rodents away from your gutters, acting as a robust rodent downspout guard.

Patio Eden Stainless Steel Downspout Filter Review

If you want a downspout filter that is durable and long-lasting, you should choose this one. Hard metal is less likely to break than other cheap metals or plastics. It is one of the best gutter downspout strainer in the recent market.

What’s the reason? The patio Eden gutter guards are made of 100% stainless steel, so they are perfect for storms. Thus, there will be no rust or corrosion issues.

The 3-inch Patio Eden Gutter Guard will keep leaves, twigs, debris, and dirt out of your gutter system, and will also keep rodents out. Additionally, it keeps standing water out of gutters and prevents insects from building nests inside downspouts.

There are six products in the filter package as well. It is also portable and easy to install. This gutter filter gives you peace of mind.


  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Effectively prevents gutter clogging
  • No tools required for installation
  • Fits most gutters and does not require repositioning


  • Straps are flimsy
  • Not suitable for heavy snowfall
  • Requires frequent repairs

3. Amerimax Black InvisaFlow Downspout

  • AmeriMax # 4400 InvisiFlow 18" Flex-Grate Black PVC Downspout Filters
  • For Downspout Sizes 2" x 3" , 2" x 2" , or 3" x 4"
  • Easy To Install
  • Connects to standard 4" Corrugated or PVC Drain Pipe at bottom
  • Screw Onto Downspouts for Best Results

Amerimax Black InvisaFlow Downspout Review

A downspout filter should offer you convenience and comfort for a longer period of time. Amerimax’s 4400 InvisaFlow Downspout Strainer/Filter captures leave and debris effectively to prevent them from passing through the downspout and clogging the drain.

You do not need to dig up your downspout if it is clogged. It stands at an appropriate height for cleaning and maintenance. Downspout filters are designed in an accordion-fold structure. The design is stunning to look at. Solid connectors protect the filter from water damage.

Amerimax Black InvisaFlow Downspout is a great product made from black PVC plastic. Even though it’s made of plastic, it passed all our tests without a hitch. The black color also helps it blend in with any setting.

The installation is pretty straightforward. No extra tools are needed. You can easily install the filter by attaching it to your downspout. Nevertheless, if you need additional security, you can add some screws. By doing so, you will get better results.


  • Effectively catches medium-sized leaves and debris
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for underground drainage
  • Flex grate filter prevents clogging
  • Elegantly designed with PVC material
  • Fits 4-inch corrugated PVC drain pipes
  • Includes a filter sieve
  • Flexible and corrugated design
  • Fits any standard downspout


  • Ineffective with thick and hard debris
  • Filter cannot pass water when clogged by debris

4. Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System, 2 in. x 3 in., Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), White
  • Directs rainwater drainage from downspouts into collect barrels
  • Fits standard 2 in. x 3 in. residential downspouts
  • Made of UV-resistant material and can be painted
  • Comes with 4 ft. high flow hose to connect the diverter to the collection container
  • Red outlet port plug stops the flow of water from exiting when hose is disconnected and ideal for winter downtime

Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System Review

Let’s imagine a scenario where you want to preserve rainwater. This product from Oatey will ensure that your downspouts keep debris-free while conserving and recycling rainwater. You will also receive a 4-foot high-flow hose for connecting the diverter point.

The Mystic Rainwater Collection System uses rainwater to water your lawn, garden, or neighboring yards. Oatey 14209 is an excellent addition to your home and garden routine with its environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Downspout filters tend to tear because of the low-quality plastic used. The Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection System avoids this problem; the product is made of high-quality PVC, making it durable. This item has UV resistance, so sun damage won’t be an issue.

Although downspout filters and pipes are unsightly and difficult to blend in, this product does not have that problem. You can paint this product in any color to blend with any house.


  • Two-piece design effectively separates sediment from water
  • PVC construction is compatible with standard downspouts and resists UV rays
  • Paintable to match your home’s color
  • Comes with a 4-foot hose
  • Designed for rainwater harvesting


  • Low-quality hose provided
  • Insufficient to prevent barrel overflow

5. Flex-Drain 51110 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe

Flex-Drain 51110 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe, Solid, 4-Inch by 25-Feet
  • This Product Adds A Great Value
  • Product Is Highly Durable And Very Easy To Use
  • This Product Is Manufactured In China
  • Country Of Origin: United States

Flex-Drain 51110 Flexible Landscaping Drain Pipe Review

Continuously getting rainwater into your foundation will weaken it very quickly. No matter how many downspouts you install, they won’t be enough. There is no point in placing the pipe close to the house if you can’t deploy it far from it.

Flex-Drain 51110 fixes that problem. You can extend the hose up to 25 feet. If you want, you can place the hose far from the house.

It is much more durable than its competitors. In fact, high-quality plastic will not tear or break down so easily. There is no way for it to show any damage unless you put it through extreme conditions.

The matte black texture of Flex-Drain ensures that visibility can’t be an issue. You can easily blend it into your home.


  • Affordable and easy to clean
  • Perfect for moving water between two points
  • The pipe ends prevent water from seeping into or out of the pipe
  • Compatible with other kinds of pipe and fittings
  • 4′′PVC and 3′′corrugated pipes compatible
  • More flexible and durable than the traditional corrugated pipe
  • Flexible materials bend without breaking
  • Transport and storage take up 80% less space


  • Needs couplers to function properly

6. Flex-Drain 85010 Downspout Extension

Flex-Drain 85010 Downspout Extension, White
  • This product adds a great value. Rustproof
  • Product is highly durable and very easy to use
  • This product is manufactured in China

Flex-Drain 85010 Downspout Extension Review

Flex-Drain 85010 is one of the best gutter downspout extensions on Amazon. The tool is not only affordable but also the best for the job, without a doubt.

There are many reasons for this product’s high ratings. The sturdy plastic construction makes it more durable, long-lasting, and solid. However, it only has a weight of 13 ounces and a size of 4 by 4 by 25.5 inches. It can stretch up to 55 inches, but it depends on which size you choose. This allows you to bend it in any way.

It is stretchy, connects to other Flex-Drain accessories, and requires no tools to install. Downspouts that are 2″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″ will seamlessly connect to this extension. Flex-Drain 85011 Gutter Downspout Extension is very affordable and does the job well.

It is possible to connect more than one pipe to increase the length of the pipe. The downspout will connect to any type, so you can buy it with confidence.


  • Compatible with all downspouts
  • Easy to configure to suit your needs
  • No tools required for installation
  • Compatible with standard downspouts
  • Suitable for both above and below ground
  • Stretches up to 55 inches
  • Non-corrosive


  • Thin construction, may not be as durable
  • Screws must be purchased separately

7. Flex-Drain ADP53202 Downspout Adaptor

Flex-Drain ADP53102 Downspout Adaptor, Landscaping Drain Pipe Adapter 3 by 4 by 4-Inch , Black
2,650 Reviews
Flex-Drain ADP53102 Downspout Adaptor, Landscaping Drain Pipe Adapter 3 by 4 by 4-Inch , Black
  • Compatible with most traditional 3-inch and 4-inch corrugated pipe and 4-Inch PVC.
  • Installs faster than traditional corrugated pipes and requires 80% less space for transport and storage.
  • FLEX-Drain's unique flexibility allows it to fit in tight spaces and curvy places.
  • 30-Percent higher load-bearing rating than standard corrugated pipes, Minimum working temperature of -50°F and a maximum working temperature of 150°F
  • Integrated soil-tight fittings lock securely and are perfect for French drains, downspout drain pipe and more!

Flex-Drain ADP53202 Downspout Adaptor Review

Some complain that manufacturers only produce standard sizes. The problem arises when someone has a smaller or larger-sized downspout and can’t find the right product. In that case, Flex-Drain ADP53202 Downspout Adaptor comes into play.

A polypropylene construction and flexible design make this downspout adapter great for tight spaces and curved spots. The downspout adapter has an opening of 2 inches by 3 inches and is compatible with corrugated piping and PVC piping up to 3 inches and 4 inches in diameter.

Compared to traditional corrugated pipes, Flex-Drain offers better flexibility and durability, making your job go more smoothly. Flexible and expandable, Flex-Drain holds its shape during installation. The integrated soil-tight fittings lock securely and keep in place when backfilling just with a snap.

Flexible Drain is a complete drainage solution that fits almost any PVC or corrugated pipe. Made of a no-break copolymer and exceeding all applicable ASTM crush standards.


  • Resistant to tears and holes
  • Great value for its price
  • Easy to install
  • Available in two sizes
  • Provides easy connections and fits most angles
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Corrugated pipe with 30% higher load-bearing rating
  • 70 psi maximum working pressure
  • Suited for temperatures between -50°F and 150°F


  • Considered a bit small for some users

8. NDS 430 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter with Elbow and Adapter

NDS 430 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter with Elbow and Adapter for 3 in. & 4 in. Drain Pipes, works with...
  • RELEASE WATER AWAY FROM PROPERTY: Water captured in your drainage system needs a point of release, and one of the best solutions for the job is the Pop-up Drainage Emitter
  • HOW IT WORKS: The pop-up emitter works at a low point of the drainage system to discharge water collected from upstream and help protect property from water damage
  • INSTALLATION: Connects to 3 in. & 4 in. single-wall corrugated and DWV/Sch. 40 pipes, remove adapter to connect to 3 in. sewer & drain and triple-wall pipes, Releases water up to 56 GPM
  • UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE: The pop-up emitter cover consists of the pop-up cap and wide flange design that prevents turf overgrowth; Underneath is an engineered crossbar design which helps maximize flow while flushing out debris
  • SAFE FLAT PROFILE: Cap, or cover, pops up as high as 1 in. once water pressure builds and closes as flow diminishes. Flat profile design reduces trip hazard posed by open drain; closed position keeps emitter flush to the ground

Pop-Up Drainage Emitter with Elbow and Adapter Review

NDS Pop-Up drainage emitters serve as the discharge point of drainage systems, allowing water to flow freely from pipes and away from structural foundations when necessary.

Patent-pending spring-loaded caps are open and close with the flow of water through the drainpipe. Thus, water is moved away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes, and water-poor drainage areas.

With the pop-up drainage emitter and elbow from NDS, you can handle any draining project efficiently, safely, and effectively. Just connect it to the drainage system with pipes or barrels. It’ll protect the foundation and allow you to use rainwater in case of an emergency.

NDS has excellent customer service. As an example, let’s say one of the tools didn’t come with the product. Call customer service, and they will send it to your address.


  • Compatible with any drainage system
  • Can handle heavy water flow (40 GPM)
  • Includes everything needed in toolbox
  • Excellent customer service
  • Made of 100% recycled HDPE
  • No trip hazards from open drains
  • Pop-up top keeps rodents and debris out
  • Positioned low to prevent interference with mowers


  • Slightly higher price compared to competitors

9. Rain Harvesting RHUL98 Leaf Eater

Rain Harvesting RHUL100 Leaf Eater Ultra Rain Head, 3" & 4" Round Dual-fit
  • 95%+ Capture Efficiency
  • Self-Cleaning
  • 1000 Micron Screen
  • Attractive Screen Cover

Rain Harvesting RHUL98 Leaf Eater Review

Stylish cover and casing provide a contemporary look to the rain head. Adaptable to vertical as well as horizontal pipe outlets.

Even better, it can be installed midway down the pipes of dry harvesting systems, making maintenance easier.

The leaf-shredding technology makes this one of the most efficient leaf eaters. The Hydro Active Filtration screen shakes and vibrates to shred leaves quickly and effectively.

By using leaf slides, the larger leaves and other debris are deflected before reaching the screen.

It keeps leaves and debris out of your downspouts, reducing your chances of contamination and providing you with relatively clean rainwater.

Also included is a VH pivot outlet that can swivel to suit vertical or horizontal downspouts. In addition to removing debris, you can also use the Leaf Eater Ultra to collect rainwater.


  • Efficiently shreds leaves
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Can collect rainwater
  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance
  • Compatible with both modern and classic architecture
  • Fits both horizontal and vertical downpipes
  • Comes in 3″ and 4″ sizes


  • Slightly expensive

10. Downspout Debris Filter Strainer Gutter Leaf Guard Residential Connector

Downspout Debris Filter Strainer Gutter Leaf Guard Residential Connector, White
  • Perfect drainage solution for homes that experience fallen leaves or debris in their gutters and downspouts
  • Filters unwanted leaves and debris from the downspout to keep your drainage system flowing freely
  • Fits 2 in. x 3 in., 3 in. x 4 in. or round downspouts with a male type end to join with 4 in. corrugated or PVC pipe
  • Prevents drainpipes from becoming clogged
  • Built in connector flexes for easy installation and holds its shape

Downspout Debris Filter Strainer Review

The bottom and top of a rain barrel can collect sludge and decaying leaves. A Gutter Leaf Guard Residential Connector is the ideal solution for removing debris from downspouts.

This is the only way to maintain the efficiency of your downspout drainage system is to install a downspout filter strainer. The flexible grate filter keeps leaves and debris out of your drainage pipe.

The white color looks elegant on its own. It is also flexible and bendable enough to fit any 2,3, and 4-inch downspout. 

An open grate diverts leaves to keep drain pipes and rain barrels clean by allowing water to flow through the drain. This prevents drainpipes from clogging, and it makes them easy to bend and hold their shape.


  • Flexible connectors for easy installation
  • Filters leaves and debris
  • Compatible with most downspouts
  • Bendable and flexible to hold drainpipes in place


  • May cause splashing during heavy rain

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Downspout Filter

1. Circumference

You should first consider the size of the downspout filters or the area they cover. Your gutters will be compatible with them based on this. An average downspout filter covers an area of 2 to 3 inches.

This is also perfect for gutters that are 5 inches wide. Additionally, circumference determines how much debris or water can pass through. Clogging is less likely to be an issue with larger rims.

2. Material

Material is also an essential factor to consider. The different types of filters include plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Most metal filters are longer-lasting than plastic filters. For example, stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust.

You may need a stainless steel or plastic filter if you live in a rainy area.

3. Color

The color of your filter is another element to consider. Although it is not such a crucial factor, it does play a crucial part in deciding which color complements your home.

  • Light-colored homes may benefit from white filters.
  • If your home is dark, choose a black filter.
  • For something generic, you should go for the classic metal types.

4. Design

There are two types of strainers: open or closed wedges. Strainers are usually installed inside gutters, whereas wedges are attached to or installed outside of gutters. Your choice should be based on your house design and personal preference.

5. Visibility

The downspout filter may appear unsightly. After proper installation and hiding, it is still possible to see them.

This may frustrate perfectionists. Thus, if you want better visibility, you should find the right product. Here are a few tips.

  • Choose a color that fits the texture of the house.
  • Select an underground filter if possible.

6. Type Of Extension

Identify the type of extension you need. Below are some aspects to consider.

  • Decide how many extensions you will need.
  • Choose between commercial and residential use.
  • Check if flexible filters are required.

You get the idea, don’t you? There are a lot of factors to consider. Therefore, you should research what you need and how you intend to use it.

7. Easy Installation

Lastly, you should consider the ease of installation. Current downspout debris filters are usually relatively easy to install. You can install many downspout filters without the use of tools.

Even if they do require screws, they are provided in the box. When you buy products like that, you won’t have to worry about installation.

Different Types of Downspout Gutter Guards

It is essential to understand the differences between downspout filters before choosing one. Here is a brief explanation of the various types of downspout filters.

1. Strainer Gutter Guards

Typically, strainers are made of plastic or aluminum. They are flat or rounded and installed within the gutter. 

This will allow water and heavy materials to fit into the filter. Ideal for downpipes.


2. Wedge Gutter Guards

The wedge type is made of plastic only, not metal. This is placed alongside the strainer rather than in the gutter. The filter features a slope rather than a round shape. In this way, water flows more smoothly. It’s especially useful in industrial settings.


3. Open Downspout Gutter Guards

The open downspouts are made of plastic or metal and feature a sloped filter that traps leaves and other debris. The quality of the filter depends on its type and size. They are easily visible when dirty, so you can clean them easily. The system usually overshoots if it’s not maintained properly.


4. Closed Downspout Gutter Guards

As well as aluminum, steel, galvanized, zinc, and copper, the closed inline clean-outs can be rounded or custom-made.

The debris is collected in a basket inside a box. Compared to open models, closed models retain more debris, so maintenance is reduced.

It is not recommended to use the micromesh in small and narrow spaces since it gets clogged very easily. Micromesh models can catch even the smallest debris.


5. Flexible Downspout Gutter Guards

As the name implies, they are pretty flexible and bendable.

Flexibility makes them easier to use. They are also quite cost-effective.

But there are some drawbacks. To make them so flexible and affordable, they are made from cheap materials, such as thin plastic.


6. Roll Out Downspout Gutter Guards

Roll-out downspout filters release water when detected. They roll up once water is removed. This makes them more convenient since visibility is not an issue. The functionality and appearance make them appealing.

If you have pets or children who run around the house, then it perfect solution because stepping in won’t be an issue.

This filter has some problems as well. Sometimes stones or dirt get stuck in the filters or pipes. To get it working again, you will need to fix it manually.


7. Flipper Or Hinge Downspout Gutter Guards

Finally, we have hinged or flipper downspout filters. You can adjust this filter at any time. They’re more expensive since they’re made of metals and other premium materials.

You can’t bend it, however. Apart from that, it works quite well.


Benefits Of Using Gutter Downspout Debris Filter

Best gutter guards prevent large debris such as leaves, sticks, and dead animals from getting into the gutters and clogging the system. These guards also have the following benefits:

1. Prevents Mold

It can be very difficult to remove mold if the moisture is not drained away. Here are a few hazards to watch out for:

  • The mold spreads like wildfire.
  • Your paint may have to be stripped off or special chemicals will be required.
  • Mold is also quite harmful to human health.
  • Getting rid of mold in your house is an expensive process.

Fortunately, downspouts aren’t as costly. The choice is yours – a few dollars for downspouts or thousands for mold removal.

In addition to preventing mold, it will also keep rainwater away from your house, keeping your home healthy and fresh.

2. Your Foundation Will Be Protected

Rainwater cools house temperature down for a while. The problem begins when it stays there for too long. Without a downspout, water ends up at your house’s foundation.

You might not notice it right away. When a large amount of rainwater soaks into your house’s soil for a long time, it softens its roots. 

A downspout directs rainwater to another area, securing the foundation of your home.

3. You Can Store Rainwater For Emergencies

A downspout can help you store water, in addition to protecting your house’s foundation and preventing mold. Simply place a barrel or a container at the end of the downspout. You can use it whenever you like.

Imagine that you have no water to wash your car. You will need this storage then. Also, you can water your garden with it. In any case, you’ll always save money on your water bill.

How To Unclog Gutter Downspouts

Do Downspout Extensions Work? Downspout pipes contain box-shaped structures that catch debris from rain gutters and prevent it from flowing into the underground drainage system.

The leaf, twigs, and other debris are caught in a filter, preventing the drain from clogging and damaging the house’s foundation.

Clean-outs installed about 2-4 feet from the ground make it easy to remove debris periodically. There are no safety concerns. If possible, empty the basket after every rainfall.


This article provides details regarding Downspout Gutter Guard, Downspout Debris Filter, Downspout Adaptor, Rainwater Collection System, Flexible Drain Pipe For Gutter Downspout, and Leaf Eater.

We know how important to keep debris buildup under control. When you have top-notch best gutter downspout extensions, you won’t have a problem collecting debris.

Using the best downspout filter is the most effective approach to preventing downspout clogs. Many different products have unique designs, but all work the same way: keeping leaves and debris from clogging underground drainage systems.

No more hours of searching for the best gutter downspout filter. Please take a look at our buying guide, compare its pros and cons, and then use it to determine which is the best for you.

Downspout Screen Filter (FAQs)

Do downspout guards work?

They catch leaves and debris. However, tiny particles can still pass through them.

Are downspout filters affected by heavy rain?

In the end, downspout filters act as barriers. When you put a lot of water through these, it may not pass as efficiently.

When should I clean my downspout filters?

It would be best if you cleaned them twice a year. Ensure they’re free of debris every month. When the amount is too much, you should clean it out.

Are my downspout filters clogged?

Water cannot pass through a clogged downspout filter. If that happens, you can assume it’s blocked. Clean it regularly to avoid this.

Why are my downspouts blocking up?

It is important to use the best downspout debris filter to prevent gutters from being clogged. They allow rainwater to flow through while blocking debris.

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