10 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner For Shine | Buyer’s Guide & Review

Who does not want to get a sparkling floor that represents their glorious status? Laminate flooring might be the best option in that case.

Laminate floors are made of pressed wood that consists of a few layers, depending on the type, color, and price. The material is resistant to scratches and moisture.

It is easier to clean and maintain a laminate floor for a long time. The real question is, are you using the best laminate floor cleaner for shine?  This is crucial, you know! Because harsh chemicals can ruin the beauty and shine of your laminate floor if you aren’t careful. Now let’s find out how to maintain a shiny laminate floor. 

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In A Hurry? Here Is Our Top 3 Recommended Laminate Floor Cleaner For Shine


Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

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Editor Rating:


Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer & Floor Cleaner

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Editor Rating:


Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

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Editor Rating:

After reading this article, you will know all the details. I tried my best to answer all types of questions that may be buzzing in your head. So, are you enthusiastic about clearing all your doubts and getting the best laminate floor cleaner list in your pocket? Let’s dive into it.

These top 10 best laminate floor cleaner reviews successfully help you to maintain the newest look, and a sweet perfume refreshes your family that also ensures a 100% germ-free laminate floor.

Which Type of Cleaner do You Need for Laminate Floors?

You may know, Hardwood floors and Laminate floors look the same, but they react to cleaners differently, and also the cleaning procedures are different. Laminate floors require more specialized care than the hardwood floors because you cannot refinish the laminated floors when they get damaged or stained.

Don’t worry, here you will find the simplest way to clean your favorite floor and make the most out of it. Just use the best laminate floor cleaner in the recent market that has all the cleaning features and ensure protection against sensitive skin and damaging floors. In this case, I will help you to pick the appropriate cleaner.

What to Look for in a Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floor cleaner reviews

Special needs – General laminate floor cleaners are OKAY for frequent use. But in some cases, you will require special laminate floor cleaners such as pet odors, scratches, or lackluster finish. In this article, you will find and know details, both universal and exclusive products.

How many applications are required? – The performance is varying depends on a few things; even you have the best laminate floor cleaner. Make sure you know this answer before utilizing cleaner solutions.

  • Your available cleaning equipment?
  • Where to use?
  • What are you willing to achieve?

You will find different types of laminate floor cleaners. According to your comfort zone, you can use spray bottles or applied with a traditional mop even you can use a sprayer mop.

Ingredients – If you have sensitive skin or a child in your house, then you have to avoid harsh products. Instead, you should use an all-natural laminate floor cleaner that has secure ingredients to pour and restore home depot.

Chemicals in the Cleaner

Nowadays, most of the laminate floor cleaners promise to leave the floor streak-free, but in reality, it’s hardly seen. Only the best laminate floor cleaning solution will provide that. The other will erode the top layer of the floor, and eventually making it dull and responsive to cracks and warps.

Friendly ingredients include oils, vinegar, and all other natural ingredients as well.

Petroleum, volatile organic (VOCs), or the alkylphenol surfactant chemicals can damage your floor so you should avoid them. But you can use mild dish cleaners and ammonia-free cleaners because this type of cleaner can successfully prevent abrasion and dullness.

Laminate floor cleaner solution

Unsafe Cleaning Materials And Methods

  • Avoid all kinds of soaps – this is abrasive
  • Wax, petroleum oil, or polish – to maintain your floor looking shiny
  • Commercial floor cleaning agents – leave a haze on the floor
  • Floor wet / steam cleaning systems – excessive use is harmful
  • Steel wool – it will discolor your flooring
  • Damp mops – too much water cause warping of the laminate boards
  • Acetone-rich agents – after using you should remove a film from the floor
  • Bleach – as the laminate floor is highly porous so that bleach soak and causing permanent stains, and discolor the floor
  • Avoid alluring offering products – this type of product will dull and make scratchy your floor

It is secured to use a well-known flooring manufacturer’s cleaning solution. Try to clean your floor using a vacuum and other cleaning systems to get rid of the dust and dirt without scratching the laminate floors.

You should avoid sponge or other fabrics that catch too much water. You can use a soft microfiber cloth or a microfiber mop that uses a spray to clean your laminate floors. Though, it is suggested to use the cleaner gently.

Making the Best Homemade Cleaner for Laminate Floor

There are many homemade laminate floor cleaner methods discover by the cleaning expert and professional. With the help of the internet, you can find many processes. You can also learn the best way to clean laminate floors and utilize them in your daily life to clean effectively and save money. The natural cleaning solution is safe.

Additionally, you can find most of the natural ingredients in your kitchen. But the wrong homemade cleaning solution leading to damage to the laminate floor. Be careful about that and utilize the secure, effective process.

Homemade Natural Heavy-Duty Household Cleaner Recipe

Homemade laminate floor cleaner

Baking soda mixed with water: Baking soda is easily found in your kitchen, and it is beneficial to remove stains from laminate floors.

  1. Borax with water: You can mix these two and spray on your microfiber mop. Carefully apply the amount of water and make sure to dry the surface when done.
  2. Vinegar and warm water: This solution used for centuries to clean laminate floors and other surfaces. Mix these two equally and use a spray bottle or a mop bucket to get your job done. It is very affordable and produces a shiny hygienic floor that lasts a long time.
  3. Vinegar, lemon juice, and water: This homemade all-purpose cleaner with lemon juice produces citrusy scent along with antiseptic properties that leave your floors streak-free. If you are not like the vinegar smell, this is a perfect solution for you because it dissipates quickly. Also, you can add a few drops of desired essential oil.
  4. Vinegar, water, and liquid dishwashing detergent: To make this homemade laminate floor cleaners, you have to use this simple formula: 3 parts water, one-part vinegar, and one squirt of dishwashing detergent. That’s it. It works magically on high gloss laminate floors.
  5. Ice and a non-abrasive plastic scraper: Ice is helpful to remove gum or candle wax. Before your gentle scrape, cover the area with ice, let it freeze. After that, you can use a non-abrasive plastic scraper.
  6. Pencil eraser: You did not see this one coming, did you? Well, this invisible resource in school can successfully remove scuff and heel marks on your laminate floor. Know more.

Top 10 Best Laminate Floor Cleaner For Shine [Expert Reviews & Buying Guide 2021]

1.Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

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Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner Review

Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is a biodegradable, hypoallergenic, effective, and American-made floor cleaner.

Though it is water-based, it is quite strong to remove almost all kinds of stubborn stains such as spills, dust, dirt, and footprints. This is the best laminate floor cleaner for shine as you will get an ultra-shine laminate floor just one wipe. It effortlessly cleans ceramic tile, sealed marble, linoleum, LVT, and terrazzo.

It is one of the top-rated laminate floor cleaners, over 2,500+ positive reviews. Why it is so popular, you will realize it after use.

This black diamond floor cleaner gives a shiny surface that will last for years. A steak free cleaning formula and no-rinse hypoallergenic formula makes this one of the identical products. This makes it very easy to spray. It also comes with an economic package that lasts for long.

Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner


You can use a microfiber rag or mop to wipe the non-toxic solution away after spray to a specific spot or across the whole floor. The black diamond cleaning product is GREENGUARD GOLD-certified for low VOC emissions so that it is safe for pets, children, and leaves a subtle clean scent. You don’t have to worry about your allergies flaring up when using this cleaner.

As it uses biodegradable ingredients, you don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint. Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner are making your home as eco-friendly as possible.


You can use this Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner most of the floor types such as hardwood, real wood, and natural & engineered flooring.

You have to spray it on the floor, wipe it, that’s it — no rinsing required. Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner are made using Black Diamond’s triple-action poly-shield (PS3), this technology successfully prevents soil from attaching, and fight future debris from attaching to the floor that’s why you get a streak-free shines.

  • Streak-free cleaning without rinsing
  • It is biodegradable
  • It’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Safe for use around kids and pets
  • It doesn’t have a chemical smell but produces a delicately sweet scent
  • It’s easy to apply and makes things shine and look new
  • Comes with a thorough label directions
  • It will stain the mop head
  • Required a few passes to remove scuff marks

2.Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer

Key Features and Specifications

61httBVJD5L. AC SL1000

Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer Review

Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer is water and polymer-based floor renewal that effectively pour and restore home depot. You can restore and fills severe scratches and seals floors by a single application.

This polymer-based floor cleaner can be a perfect solution for residential and commercial use. Because it successfully fills the scratches and restores the shine. This hardwood floor scratch repair home depot also protects those surfaces against UV radiation, which causes discoloration and fading.

Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer


It successfully protects them against UV rays so that your floor does not fade. So that you get fantastic kitchen floors, bathroom floors. It comes with rejuvenate vinyl floor cleaner and wood rejuvenating oil, etc.

It has received a Gold Certification for the low levels of VOC emitted, and so it is safe for you, your family, and your pets.


It cleans a wider range of floor types such as laminates, hardwood, terrazzo, terracotta, slate, vinyl, ceramic tile, flagstone, linoleum, fiberglass and more delicate polished stone such as marble.

This 32-ounce bottle of Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer increases traction by up to 50% and enough for refinishes up to 650 square feet of flooring. This made in the USA is more comfortable to apply a second coat that will add a layer of protection.

  • Rejuvenate shine refresher is very versatile
  • Protects against damage from ultraviolet radiation
  • Mop-on application and covers a large area
  • Fills all voids on the floor
  • It rejuvenate countertop polish
  • Restores shine quickly without sanding
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • You cannot step on the floor before it dries up
  • Doesn’t work as well on the very old flooring

3.Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

Key Features and Specifications

61WINXf55RL. AC SL1000

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish Review

If you want a quick shine deep cleaner with a just-cleaned-look, then Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish is a perfect match for you. This 64-ounce bottle is formulated to produce a vibrant, deep, and long-lasting glow with healthy protects.

This quick shine floor cleaner made in USA products that can successfully restore the laminate floor with a just-installed beauty look.

Some laminate floor owners say that it builds up a film. So I like to recommend the use of this product only once a month. But never forget, this quick shine hardwood floor luster makes laminate floor smooth without the need for polish. Just apply the liquid to the floor, then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish


This quick shine hardwood floor cleaner is eco-friendly, less bio-summative that emits a lower level of toxins. This cleaning formulation doesn’t have any inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvent, heavy metals, or harmful surfactants. It is considered one of the best baby safe floor cleaner that harmless for pets and kids.


Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish are versatile so you can use it all types of floors, such as hardwood floors, tile, stone, and vinyl floors, among others. But it works exceptionally well on a formerly shiny laminate floor.

To get home depot floor finish and quality floor shine, you have to clean your floors with a fiber cloth mop to squirt it across the flooring and wipe it up. After that, one or two coats is all you need to get an impressive shine that lasts up to three months.

  • Effectively produce a glossy shine
  • Protects the floor from damage
  • It doesn’t leave footprints and not slippery
  • It may form a new layer on top of the old one

4.Better Life Natural Plant-Based Floor Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

71y8UDKKZJL. AC SL1500

Better Life Natural Plant-Based Floor Cleaner Review

If you want to know how to make tile floors shine? Don’t worry; this hardwood floor scratch repair home depot successfully restores the shine on your stone, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate floor.

Better Life Natural Plant-Based Floor Cleaner assures to maintain your laminate floor better than other cleaning solutions. Without any residues, it is so useful to get rid of spills from floors in seconds.

You may know that organic and natural cleaning products are healthier for children and those who have asthma or allergies. Natural products do not contain any harsh chemicals, so it is safe for your floor and effectively keeps your laminate looking good.


It is one of the safest multi surface floor cleaner on the market. It made up with all-natural ingredients so that it efficiently clean and returned the shine on your floors without causing any fuss.

Better life floor cleaner is free of alkylphenol surfactants, petroleum, solvents, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or VOCs. So it is safe to use at home daily as the nurtured pets anti lick strip prevents the floor from damage. Also, it is 100% perfume free that rejuvenating your laminate floor naturally and create a healthy atmosphere.


You can use it directly to laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other sealed floors. After that, just spread it with a damp mop. That’s it, your job done.

At a reasonable price, you get simple green naturals floor care that requires no rinsing and smells of fresh citrus and mint. The smells come from the bergamot, peppermint, and grapefruit extracts.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple green naturals floor care
  • Cleans easily and you don’t have to rinse it
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Versatile
  • It produces shine tile floors naturally
  • Few shipping’s issues

5.Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

71pGQ8uwHtL. AC SL1500

Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Review

Are you looking for a quick shine hardwood floor cleaner that effectively cleans and polishes bathroom, kitchen, and the laminate floors? This Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner could be your partner.

Bona laminate floor cleaner is pretty easy to apply, non-toxic, and, most importantly, it does not require rinsing. If you have hardly had any time to clean your favorite laminate floor, you can use this product to cut through tough grime and dirt and enjoy the shiny floor for a few many months.

It comes in an economy size refill bottle and ready to use since it is already premixed. Additionally, the splash less technology makes sure a smooth pour without any spilling on other surfaces.


You can trust this versatile floor cleaner as it has a GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. This also shows that the cleaner is safe around pets and children.


Bona laminate floor cleaner doesn’t leave any dull residue on your floor. It is an excellent cleaner for stone, vinyl, laminate, sealed porous marble, terrazzo, and linoleum floors.

You can use it as a tile and stone cleaner, too. The safe formulation produces the power to effortlessly remove grease, grime, dust, and dirt for spotless. With the cleaning ability and harmless solution, make this bona laminate floor cleaner one of the recognized names in the cleaning industry.

Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner Package: If you use “Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Care System”, you won’t need any additional supplies. Because it comes with a mop handle, a mop head, a Microfiber dusting pad, a cleaning pad, and a 32-ounce bottle of Bona Cleaner. This can be a total solution package for your laminate floor cleaner that can restore and protects your laminate floor efficiently.

  • Bona Swedish formula doesn’t stain the cleaning mop as it’s clear
  • No rinsing floors when done
  • You can refill the container
  • No streaks
  • Leaves a beautiful shine on the floor
  • Made in the USA
  • It doesn’t remove wax built up over time

6.ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

71MV ilPrHL. AC SL1500

ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner Review

Zep Commercial wood floor cleaner continuously impresses the user by dissolving scuff marks. It is one of the best laminate floor cleaners for a larger area.

It comes with a pro-grade formulation that quickly does the tough task. It dries fast with no rinsing needed and leaves behind a fresh scent. This Professional-strength floor cleaner is specially formulated for laminate and hardwood floors.

It also successfully revitalizes worn-looking floors and repair scratched finishes and produce beautiful looks laminate flooring. This 128-ounce jug works well with a spray bottle and refillable spray mops. You can apply the Zep Commercial wood floor cleaner on any floors to get the maximum results.


You may see the tag of “professional strength,” but it contains a mild level liquid detergent that doesn’t harm your home used laminate floor. Remember that; It won’t leave a waxy residue after you wipe it off with a microfiber mop. So avid to use in on oil-finished or waxy floors.


You can use this big bottle up to 35m² without any shortage to removes spots, stains, and scuffs. This versatile cleaning solution can be used for polyurethane-finished floors, varnish, acrylic, molding, cabinet doors, and other wood surfaces.

Zep Commercial wood floor cleaner contains water, Methanol, Coco Hydroxyethyl Imidazoline, IFRA reviewed ingredients, etc. It struggled with sticky, dried-on soil. In this case, it requires several passes to remove both messes altogether.

  • Successfully removes spots, stains and scuff marks
  • No residue
  • It has a versatile use
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • You can use just with the help of spray and mop
  • Leaves a fresh scent
  • Works with refillable spray mops
  • Not suitable for use on oil-finished wood floors

7.Swiffer Wetjet Spray Mop Floor Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

81rJWAiKlQL. AC SL1500

Swiffer Wetjet Spray Mop Floor Cleaner Review

Swiffer Wetjet Spray one of the best laminate floor cleaner that produces a lavender vanilla scent. A sweet aroma makes you feel comfortable.

You can successfully remove tough and sticky messes that might have stuck on your laminate floor. It is a multi-purpose pre-mixed solution. It is ideal for eliminating day-to-day dirt and dust. It means this cleaning solution saves time for you and let you have some free time to watch your favorite TV program.

It comes in various scents such as Febreze Lavender Vanilla, Sweet Citrus, Zest Scent, Comfort Scent, Open Window Fresh Scent, Gain Original Scent, and Unscented. So you can get your favorite one to have a heaven pleasure in the air.


Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner Solution Refill loosens dirt and dissolves greasy messes. It comes in a fast-drying formula that is safe and suitable for a hardwood floor.


The product efficiently cleans your floor thoroughly and gives a naturally radiant surface. You just need a bucket and mop to kills microorganisms on your laminate floor.

Expert recommended that it is not safe and effective for unfinished, oiled, waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles, or carpeted floors.

  • Comes in the fast-drying formula
  • Pre-mixed cleaning solution
  • Mopping pads give best results on your floor
  • It can be used on various cleaning need
  • It has a different type of scents
  • Guaranteed or your money
  • It is not perfect water sensitive floors

8.BISSELL Multi-Surface Pet Floor Cleaning Formula

Key Features and Specifications

81qzFQIqBEL. AC SL1500

BISSELL Multi-Surface Pet Floor Cleaning Formula Review

If you are per lover and want to produce a clean surface for your pet and children, this cleaning product is for you. BISSELL Pet Foundation® helps save homeless pets for many years.

This versatile product won’t require a particular product to use it. You can use this product with all types of steam mops to get spotlessly clean floors every time. It also does not leave behind any dull residue.

Bissell Citrus Scented Demineralized water not only spread a refreshing citrus aroma in your house but also cleans the laminate floor that lasts for years, maintaining a new appearance.

The advanced multi-surface pet floor cleaning formula doesn’t produce any harmful fumes. So, it is safe for homes with pets and kids.

This formula is highly effective for removing tough dirt, grime, pet messes, and odors. This cleaning solution dries quickly and does the virtually streak-free operation. After that, you get a clean and refresh floor.


This multi-surface pet floor cleaning formula contains mainly water along with nonionic surfactants, fragrance, methylisothiazolone, etc. This kid-friendly solution does not contain any heavy metals, optical brighteners, or dyes.

Though it is safe, I like to remind you of the standard safety guideline. Protect your eye from contacting any cleaning solution and do not mix with bleach or any other household product with BISSELL multi-surface pet floor cleaning formula.


It can effectively wipe messes such as mud, vomit,tracked-in dirt, and other pet accidents. You do not have to scrub hard and eventually get your laminate floor looking clean and refreshed.

You can use this cleaning liquid on hardwood, ceramic, sealed hard floors, including tile, laminate, and area rugs. Additionally, you can apply it by SpinWave, CrossWave machines, and JetScrub Pet carpet cleaners.

  • Biodegradable detergents
  • Multi-surface cleaning solution
  • Cleans with a fresh spring breeze scent
  • Leaves a virtually streak-free clean
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • A little bit pricey considering general laminate floor cleaner as it comes in 3 packs

9.Hoover Multi-Floor Plus 2X Hard Floor Cleaner Solution

Key Features and Specifications

81PrZFoUefL. AC SL1500

Hoover Multi-Floor Plus 2X Hard Floor Cleaner Solution Review

Another great Hoover Multi-Floor Detergent solution that will get the job done pretty quickly. It is a great product that successfully removes everyday dirt, grime, and sticky messes from the laminate floor.

After use hoover multi-floor plus 2X hard floor cleaner solution, you will get a fresh, clean scent. This quick shine hardwood floor cleaner comes with a twice powerful cleaning solution, so you can use half to clean your floor.


This quick shine deep cleaner gives a fresh linen scent and makes your house to be friendly. Hoover company manufactures this product by strictly following the US and globally sourced ingredients instruction. So, this multi-surface floor cleaner is safe to use around your pet and children.


It is easy to apply to the ceramic tile, laminate floor, seal hardwood, marble, and vinyl surfaces. Additionally, it is septic safe and does not contain phosphate material. It is made in United States products.

  • 2x Concentrated
  • Fresh Linen scent
  • Made in the USA
  • Phosphate-free
  • Sometimes left behind the residue
  • Grout cleaning require multiple strokes

10.Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner

Key Features and Specifications

81ql2Ydh7SL. AC SL1500

Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner Review

Everyone knows about this brand because of its capable bacteria and virus killing ability. Lysol clean & fresh multi-surface cleaner also can cut through grime, grease, and rejuvenate countertop polish.

The powerful cleaning solution also removes soap scum and deodorizes your floor to make it safe for kids and pets.


Lysol clean & fresh multi-surface cleaner kills 99.9 percent of Escherichia Coli O157 H7, Salmonella Enteric, Listeria Monocytogenes, rotavirus WA, Streptococcus Pyogenes, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and more. 

So, you get a hygienic floor without any doubt for your family members to ensure a healthy life.


One great thing, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get these germs and bacteria off your floor. Ten minutes are enough. It also kills 99.9 percent of Staphylococcus aureus within 60 seconds.

Lysol multi-surface cleaner is not designed for the laminate floor. If you want to use it on the laminate floor, ensure you dry up the floor quickly and do not wet much.

  • It can kill 99 9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Remove grease and grime
  • Leaves long-lasting fresh, clean scent
  • Not perfect for laminate floor

Materials Required to Clean Laminate Floors

How to Clean Laminate Floors
  1. A vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces: It is good practice to use a robot vacuum on your laminate floors before using the cleaner. It will pick up dust and dirt from floors and enhance the shine. Best VINEGAR for Home & Garden.
  2. Use liquid solution: You may think of using only a cleaner or vacuum; this is a bad idea. If you only use cleaner on the hard surfaces, it will require too much of liquid solution. On the other hand, you may find out scratchy floors.
  3. A mop for sweeping: This is another option that you can utilize. Never use a beater brush as it leaves some scratch on your laminate floors.
  4. A high-quality microfiber mop: Why I mention high-quality! Because if you use low-quality microfiber mop that may use a lot of water, which seep into the cracks on the floor. Always avoid using a sponge or string mops.
  5. A spray bottle: You can use a spray bottle that contains your cleaning solution. But remember that you should spray on a microfiber mop and not on the floor directly.

Always avoid using soap or detergent to prevent abrasion on the laminate floors. Use our listed cleaner; it is 100% safe and recommended by many expert users.

How to Clean Laminate Floors

  1. At first, vacuum or clean the floor
  2. Use a microfiber mop and warm water before spraying the cleaning solution
  3. Mop the floor
  4. When you saw dirt on the mop, rinse it in the warm water. After that, spray the mop and continue cleaning. Fortunately, our listed cleaner doesn’t require rinsing.
  5. Finally, wash or raise it

Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors

Here you find all the tips and tricks to maintain the shininess of your laminate floor. It will also help you to take care of the laminate floor color, quality, and outlook for a long time and save money.

  • Frequently use a microfiber mop – as a regular cleaning task
  • Don’t overuse the cleaner – little water sometimes can produce excellent results
  • Wipe spills water immediately – as the laminate floor is permeable
  • Never soak the mop – only dampen it
  • Always use clean water – to ensure hygiene environment
  • Avoid wax or polish – because you are not dealing with real wood
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners – harsh chemicals can damage and discolor your laminate floor
  • Vacuum or sweep first – before using a laminate floor cleaner
  • Use the same proportion of water and vinegar – if your cleaner runs out
  • Use Elbow grease with gentle scrape – to remove stubborn stains dirt
  • You can use acetone (100% pure) – to get rid of a film, but you have to make sure room ventilation for fresh air
  • Utilize rubbing alcohol – it effortlessly removes nail polish, crayons, ink, or tackle painting
  • Use microfiber mop and some hot water in a spray bottle – clean the floors as necessary
  • Furniture pads under the legs – if you move them frequently
  • Gentle and follow the instruction – the last and essential reminder is that be gentle to your laminate floor and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully
Laminate floor cleaner recipe

How We Tested

We test our listed laminate floor cleaner base on customer review, rate, expert opinion, ingredients, and arrange real practical test.

To present the best laminate floor cleaner reviews, we intentionally soiled the laminate floor. After that, we use the best laminate floor cleaner to see how fast and thoroughly it removed dust dart and give a quick shine hardwood floor luster. 

We analyzed quantities of every cleaner and the qualities of strokes. We also assessed each cleanser tag management’s clarity and completeness to a review of those components.

Final Thoughts

Do you still have questions about what makes the best laminate floor cleaner? A good cleaner should be highly effective, smell good, not require rinsing, be economical, safe, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly.

The best laminate floor cleaner reviews show how to handle laminate flooring gently. Now you know what the best laminate floor cleaner is. In addition, how and when to use brooms, vacuums, and steam mops for deep cleaning.

You will hopefully find the best laminate floor cleaner for shine in this article. What cleaning products did you choose? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Best Laminate Floor Cleaner For Shine (FAQs)

The best laminate floor cleaner for shine obviously contains vinegar and oils; also, you may see some all-natural elements, too. All the chemicals are safe on a floor, and also not be harmful to kids and pets.

Make sure that the solution you buy has no petroleum chemicals, alkylphenol surfactants, or VOCs.

Pets are likely to spread bacteria on the floor, and kids are also like to play on the floor. Before buying, make sure your laminate floor cleaner is able to kill all the germs that are associate with pets.

Considering other floor type laminate floor is easy to clean and maintain the shine. You can maintenance the impressive look by regular light mopping or quick sweeping. 

For deep clean, you can use the best laminate floor cleaning solution and warm water.

Nope, you can find various kinds of the best laminate floor cleaner for shine at an affordable price on the recent market. Just make sure your laminate floor cleaner is friendly and useful to your floor.

Don’t worry; it has no rocket science to apply it on the laminate floor. Everyone can use it, whether professional cleaners or simply home cleaners, it does not require any previous knowledge. 

In this article, you will find the detailed process of applying the floor cleaner straightforwardly.

You can find the best laminate floor cleaner in most of the grocery stores near you. If you want to get the delivery at your door, place an order from an online store.

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