Should You Dust Or Vacuum First? 7 Golden Rules

Should you dust or vacuum first? When you are cleaning, this common question is constantly buzzing through your head. Are that right ladies

There is no unsolvable question, but many people do not know the proper process. When you finish reading this, you will discover the answer to the puzzle.

In addition, you’ll learn some practical professional tips and tricks to help you clean your home and remove the most dust particles effortlessly.

What Is Dust?

Dust is a combination of small particles such as material fibers, hair, paper fibers, plant pollen, and even skin cells that make your house unhygienic and allergic.

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You also see the dust on wooden, laminate, tile floors, and mirrors. Also, on exposed surfaces such as carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings.

What is Dust

Why Should You Know Proper Cleaning Process?

Keep your mind and body healthy: Dust is not only untidy, but it is also one of the main culprits behind various serious mental and physical disorders. According to one study, indoor dust could cause mucosal irritation. It can cause feeling congested, sinus problems, and more mucus.

For fresh air: Therefore, it is crucial that you make fewer mistakes when you dust and understand the process well that you should vacuum or dust first. Maintaining the right order reduces the risk of dust being built up quickly, so it can be effectively cleaned up of pollen and pet dander, so people with hayfever or pet allergies can breathe fresh air.

Solution: If you don’t dust at all, you are putting your health at risk. In order to maintain a healthy, comfortable lifestyle, you have to know how to clean your apartment well. So I’m explaining to you why you should dust or vacuum with the correct guidelines first. Listed below are all the details you need to be dust-free.

Cleaning process

Let’s Know The Right Cleaning Order?

Ok, let’s talk about the central question first. Should you dust or vacuum first? The best practice is dust first and next vacuum when you are cleaning your home.

The reason is simple. When you are dusting, the fine particles spread. Then it mixed up with the air and settles onto your cloth, furniture, and open surface.

If you vacuum first, you will miss a lot of the dust that can cause a health risk. You should collect dust particles again that settle on your freshly-vacuumed area to clean your home accurately. Are you willing to do a cleaning task again? Unquestionably not, right?

So, is it better to dust or vacuum first? You got your answer, right? Now let’s deep dive into the correct steps to overcome dust particles and get a dust-free house in the quickest time with the minimum effort.

Step By Step Guide For The Dust-First Process

Now you know whether you should vacuum or dust first, let’s take your cleaning expertise one step further. I like to share some real-world professional tips and tricks with you. So that you can clean your home like a pro, here are some best tips:

Step 1: Dust Your Home Regularly

How to remove dust from home

To be honest, regular dusting is annoying. As long as you want to keep your house environment safe, you must do it on a regular basis. Let’s break our cleaning mission into two parts and discuss them in detail.

Light dusting – You have to perform some ‘light dusting’ cleaning tasks every couple of weeks (additionally, you must clean dust accordingly to the situation). In this case, you may clean dust from the open floor, carpets, or other exposed areas. It may take 30 or less than an hour. The time depends on your floor space, room, and home accessories.

Heavy dusting – Alongside light dusting, you have to do a ‘heavy dusting’ job every few months. In this task, clean hard-to-reach places that usually you do not clean during light dusting. For example, you can clean dust from the blades of fans and the top of your furniture.

It’s a good idea to make a cleaning schedule and manual checklist that ensures you never miss any hard-to-reach spots.

Remember: During substantial dusting activities, close the door and window. It is reasonable to stay dust all over the surface when you start dusting. At this time, a gust of wind can spread dust particles all over the house. You can successfully prevent dust from shifting to more places in your home by just turning off the fan, AC, and thermostats and closing the door, window, etc.

Step 2. Use A Microfiber Cloth

How to use microfiber cloth

It is important to buy the best cleaning products if you want to eliminate dust from your living room. You may easily find various products on the market. It would be best if you bought appropriate microfiber cloth. Believe it or not, a microfiber cloth is the first stage in cleaning, and it is a real game-changer.

In this article, I also share how to choose the right microfiber cloth and other cleaning accessories too. So, don’t worry!

The University of California Davis Medical Center publishes a research paper that says: microfiber cloths effectively remove 99% of bacteria in an area. On the other hand, regular cotton cloths can reduce only 30% of bacteria. So, it’s a huge difference.

Extra tips: You can use a sock to wipe your blinds quickly. Just put it on your hand, and you are ready to clean dust. If you are in a hurry and don’t find your microfiber cloth, then this cleaning hack can be handy. Dryer sheets are another option!

Step 3. Start From The Top

Professional cleaning experts always recommended, starting at the top and ending at the bottom.

For example – you should focus on collecting dust from on top, such as a wardrobe. You can utilize a hairdryer to depart the dust. In that case, dust particles will disperse into the air and eventually fall down.  When the dust settles on the floor, then collect as much as possible from the surface using a vacuum cleaner. It will save time.

Only 3 Pro Tips For Vacuuming

How to use vacuum cleaner

If you want to clean your house like a professional, vacuuming can play a huge role. Who knows and utilizes the true power of a vacuum cleaner, he/she obviously wins against the derbies. So, let’s know how to use a vacuum cleaner like a pro.

1. Clean Your Vacuum Filter Regularly

Before starting the cleaning, you should manually check the filter and ensure it’s clean.

2. Beware Of Pet Hair

If you are a pet lover and have a pet in your house, then you have to take extra care when you are vacuuming because pet hair can get caught. It can make your cleaning efforts completely ineffective by creating a barrier and preventing picking up dust and debris from the floor.

Pro Tips: You can invest your money in buying a specific pet-friendly vacuum cleaner if your pet has long hair. Also, you have to clean it regularly and remove any blockages.

3. Know The Cleaning Place Well

You will probably miss a few spots when you vacuum randomly. In that situation, a solid plan is what you’ll need, and it’s pretty easy to make one. What is it?

To vacuum, you must start at one end and finish at the other. Always follow a straight line. Make a 90-degree turn at the end of the edges and repeat. It is common to find a lot of dust on baseboards. Make sure to clean the carpet as well as the skirting board gap.

7 Golden Rules of Vacuuming

These golden rules of vacuuming come in handy for everyone who wants to clean correctly. Following this technique can clean dust properly. And leave no dust behind.

Vacuum cleaner uses

1. Clean Strategically

Don’t forget to dust first and then vacuum. When dust particles settle on the floor, you can vacuum your house’s lower parts. If you do it properly, it can pick up to 99% of the dirt in an area.

2. Clean The Way First

Before you begin vacuuming, move furniture out of the way carefully to avoid marring them.

3. Think Inside Out

Always start vacuuming from inside a room and forwarding afterward. If this ant-specific area requires more vacuum, then utilize forward, backward, slow, or overlapping strokes.

4. How To Collect Small Stuff

Small stuff can make a massive mess if you are not aware of it before your vacuum sucked it up and stuck. You should manually pick up pine needles, paint chips, cat litter, also leaves of houseplants.

5. Check Your Vacuuming Capacity

If you use a cordless vacuum, make sure you have enough charge to finish your work. Also, it is quite mandatory to check up the bag or filter; it is full or not? Charge the battery when it’s half to three-quarters for secure cleaning performance.

6. Use The Best Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner has many handy features and attachments. Never forget to utilize them. Choosing the best tool makes your task more effective and effortless.

7. Set Proper Time Phase

To get the best of anything, you have to be dedicated. So set a routine when you can do your cleaning task without any barriers. You can do that based on kids, pets, and your lifestyle. After that, simply set a reminder ahead of time, it will give you some time to get mentally and physically prepared.

How To Dust And Vacuum Faster

How to dust

Already you get your answer, “should you dust or vacuum first?”. Now make this process faster. There are various ways to accomplish this. It is possible to do all of the cleaning tasks in a short time with just a few tools if no unexpected guests are expected.


As your assistant, you can use some effective cleaning products. You can reduce dust spreading by using it. Spraying water on an open surface and then wiping it requires some time. Dusting Wipes are convenient in this situation. This wipe can grab and remove dust effectively.


Now it’s time to vacuum, right? So, select a vacuum cleaner that can collect dust both on carpet and floor. It frees up more time for you to focus on other tasks or just sit back and have a coffee. It’s your reward after strenuous work. Right?

Probable Trouble With Dusting First

How to get rid of dust

The dust can enter the room through windows, doors, and even through the air. While the HEPA air filters only prevent dust from coming through by HVAC systems.

The skin and clothing on your body can let dust enter your house. Although you have an air filtration system, you will still need to manually remove dirt and pollen from the surfaces and furnishings.

Starting with a rag or dry mop spreads dust all over the place. Utilize a standard vacuum suction system so that most of the dirt can be collected before it is spread.

Why Cleaning Equipment Choices Matter

Once you decide whether to dust or vacuum first, it is equally important to invest in the perfect product to increase efficiency and protect your health.

When you use no-touch cleaning accessories, your eyes are protected, and allergies cannot affect you. With no-touch cleaning systems, you can perform cleaning tasks with a minimal footprint.

Best Cleaning Products For Dusting

If you successfully pick the right tool for dusting, you will enjoy it. For making you stronger against dust; here is the best dusting product list with pro tips.

11 Best Dusting Tools for Cleaning

1. Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter

A practical cleaning task cannot be performed without a vacuum cleaner. It makes cleaning much easier. You can use a vacuum cleaner that has a good filtration system to collect dust off the floor and on the carpets.

2. Feather Duster

Feather Duster

The Feather Duster is known for its versatility. While it doesn’t hold dust, you can use it to sweep across broad surfaces. Nowadays, you can find ostrich feather dusters. You can use it for bookshelves, tables, lamps, and more, so investing in good quality is worth it.

You can release the dust outdoors after using it by tapping it on your ankle. You can also shake your tool on the floor, and then vacuum up the dust. To ensure its extended usability, avoid using it on rough surfaces.

3. Best Lambswool Duster

Lambswool Duster

It has natural lanolin oils with static electricity to attract and hold dust. Lamb’s-Wool Duster is found with attachable and extendable handles for reaching high spots.

4. Electrostatic Duster

It is gaining popularity in recent years. So, you can easily find various kinds of electrostatic dusters at any grocery store and online marketplace. It has multiple forms, such as:

  • Plain dusting cloths for people with allergies
  • Dusters to get into crevices
  • Mitts to wear as you work
  • Covers for floor sweepers

You don’t have to clean it as most of them are disposable, which makes it less economical. Machine-washable electrostatic duster is also available on the market.

5. Best Microfiber Cloths For Dusting

Microfiber Cloths

It is very soft and woven from superfine synthetic fabrics. It does not seem prone to scratching on surfaces. So, you can use it on computer screens and stainless-steel surfaces without cleaning solutions.

6. Cotton Cloth

Cotton Cloth

You can use cotton cloth on any surface. As it is made of flannel that boosts its dust-attracting ability with misting water. You can use a homemade cleaning solution. The cleaning solutions-making procedure:

  • Flakes 1 tablespoon
  • Ammonia 1 tablespoon
  • Linseed oil 2 tablespoons
  • Warm water 1 quart

Before application, soaks the cloth for a few minutes. You can use it on several occasions before it requires washing. Avoid using fabric softener to wash the cotton cloth.

7. Dust Mop

If you have a laminate or hardwood floor, then a dust mop is the perfect tool for cleaning. It does not require shaking out after use. It is also washable and produces a long service.

8. Paintbrush

It is an ideal dusting tool to reach into tight spaces, lampshades, or things with intricate designs as it is easy to control and has a light touch. If you need to clean up the most delicate surfaces, such as paintings and gold leaf, you can use Sable brushes.

9. Cotton Swab

A cotton swab is dedicated to cleaning, fragile, complex objects and surfaces. You can moisten them lightly so that they left behind no lint.

10. Best Compressed Air Duster

Compressed air is beneficial for objects that can’t tolerate moisture. You can use it on hard-to-reach spots such as computer keyboards and piano keys. The wind can successfully blow the dust away without leaving behind any residue.

11. Window Blind Cleaner Duster

This is another great tool to enrich your cleaning performance and save a lot of time and money. It comes with a sturdy plastic handle and microfiber “gloves”. Additionally, a flexible arm with a little pressure cleans the top and bottom of shutters simultaneously.

It is washable and you can use a cleaning solution if needed. Also, you can use it for your bathroom fan vents, your car for air vents, and HVAC vents.

How to Dust Your Home – Easy and Quick Ways

Final Thoughts

You already know the answer to the riddle of Dust or Vacuum First. To get the best results, it is also important to know the right cleaning process and use the best cleaning products.

It’s my wish that you will be able to clean your sweet home properly to maintain a great atmosphere from now on.

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