How To Clean Hoover Central Vacuum Filter? In 7 Steps

You can use Hoover central vacuum filters to filter out unwanted debris and improve air quality in your home. Hoover vacuum models all have their own central vacuum filters.

The use of Hoover filters with central vacuum bags effectively captures airborne allergens. It is recommended to replace disposable filters after some time to ensure the best possible filtration. In this post, you’ll find out how to clean Hoover central vacuum filters quickly and easily.

How To Clean Hoover Central Vacuum Filter

The filter is one of the most important parts of your Hoover Central Vacuum. It’s important to keep it clean so that dirt, dust, and other particles don’t get into your machine and start causing problems. Here are a few tips on how to clean your Hoover Central Vacuum filter:

  1. You can cover the bottom of the unit with a plastic bag and twist or unlatch the base.
  2. Shake the cloth filter to remove debris.
  3. If necessary, empty the dirt canister into a trash can and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. If the filter is wet, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean it thoroughly.
  5. If a mesh filter is used instead of a cloth filter, clean the debris screen or remove it using a shop vac or brush.
  6. Foam filters may be removable and can be washed and completely air-dried on some models.
  7. You can remove the bag from a top-emptying model by opening the lid on top.

Note: You can only clean Washable Filters or Permanent Filters. Never try it on Disposable Filters.

How to Clean Cartridge Filters

  • Take out the dirt container.
  • Unscrew the filter retaining knob to release the filter from its support bracket.
  • Use a soft paintbrush to clean the filter gently. Some discoloration is normal.
  • Make sure the filter is firmly seated before replacing it.  
  • Tighten the retaining knob.
  • Put the dirt container in place.

How to Maintain Your Hoover Central Vacuum Filter

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to be operating as well as it used to, take a look at the filter first. There are a few things that you can do to help keep your Hoover Central Vacuum Filter healthy and functioning optimally:

Check the filters for signs of wear

If you notice any signs of wear on your Hoover Central Vacuum Filter, such as tears or bald spots, replace it immediately. Not doing so may result in reduced suction power and increased emissions.

Clean the filter cartridge as often as needed

Dirt and dust build-up on the filter over time, which can impair its effectiveness of the filter. To clean it, unscrew the filter cartridge and remove the dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Replace the filter cartridge once it’s clean.

Empty the Hoover Central Vacuum Bin regularly

The Hoover Central Vacuum Bin should be emptied at least every 3 months to keep your vacuum cleaner operating at its best. This will also help to prevent clogs in your hose and filters.

Keep the vacuum cleaner clean

Keep the vacuum cleaner clean by always cleaning all parts, including the filter, after each use. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from building up and impeding performance.

Check for leaks

If you notice any water or air leaks, take the vacuum cleaner to a qualified service technician to fix the issue. Leaks can cause reduced suction power and increased emissions.

When to Change a Hoover Vacuum Filter

If you’re noticing an increase in dirt and dust buildup on your Hoover vacuum cleaner filter, it’s time to replace it. This is especially important if your vacuum cleaner is generating a lot of noise or not suctioning as well as it used to. Here’s how to check if your Hoover vacuum filter needs to be replaced:

  • Remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner by unscrewing it.
  • Check the filter’s condition – It should be dirty and covered in dust and debris. If it’s not, clean the filter immediately.
  • Reinstall the filter by screwing it back on in the correct orientation. Make sure that it’s tight enough so that there are no gaps between the filter and the casing of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Put the vacuum cleaner back together and test it out – Run it at full power for a few minutes to ensure the filter is working properly. If there are still issues, replace the filter again.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article you are already know how to clean hoover central vacuum filter effectivelly.

Regular maintenance will ensure your vacuum lasts longer and makes it work like new. In case you are still not satisfied with the results, make sure you call a professional since this job requires special tools and expertise.

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