How To Prevent Footprints On Laminate Floors? 16 Mistakes To Avoid

Laminate flooring is one of the most prominent elements of your home that adds some extra beauty. You can add more value if you can know how to prevent footprints on laminate floors not only that you also have to know how to keep footprints off laminate floors.

The laminate floor is notorious for collecting dirt and footprints. In some cases, your laminate floor has groves, making it difficult to clean using conventional methods.

It is extremely important for you to increase and maintain the quick shine of your hardwood floors. Researching and consulting with an expert in cleaning have convinced me that this is an effective solution. To get all the details, read thoroughly.

How Footprint Built On Laminate Floors?

Here you can also know about some common mistakes and practical ways to fix the problems without any marks and scratches over the surface. After getting the right information, I am excited to share it with you. Let’s dive into the main topic.

You know that only a footprint can make your laminate floor look dull in a few moments. Some common causes:

  • Your child may split juice on the floor, unconsciously.
  • You worked in the garden and came into the room without taking off your shoes.
  • Your pet went outside and came into the room with mud on its foot.

If the footprint stays for a long time, then you have to think about it seriously. Because dirty footprints not only look gloomy but also can damage your glorious laminate floors. Eventually, you have to replace it entirely, which is time-consuming and a waste of money. You can save both by taking a few steps.

How Footprint Built On Laminate Floors

How To Clean, Prevent And Maintain A Laminate Floor Without A Footprint?

It is important to know how to take care of your glossy laminate floors and how to prevent footprints when you have them installed in your room.

At first, I would like to clear you that cleaning and preventing footprints are not the same thing. Cleaning footprints is the process of cleaning your laminate floor with some cleaning stuff. And preventing footprints is the way of awareness.

If you want hardwood flooring that does not show a footprint? I am here to discuss with you how to clean and how to prevent footprints on your laminate floor. Preventing is always better than cleaning your laminate floor.

How To Keep Footprints Off Laminate Floors

How To Keep Footprints Off Laminate Floors

It would be a matter of worry if the laminate floor had a footprint. In this part, you will get a clear concept of the process of cleaning footprints that have already been caused on your laminate floor.

It is not impossible to remove the footprint anymore. You just have to follow the below steps. After that, you will successfully get rid of the film, dirt, and pet hair maintaining the home depot floor finish for a long time.

Step 1: Vacuum First To Remove Loose Dirt and Debris

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It’s called dry-cleaning method. This primary way to clean the laminate floor is handy. If the footprint or any dust sign does not contain the greasy or oily ingredient, the dry cleaning will be pretty enough to clean your laminate floor.

A vacuum cleaner will be the ideal procedure, that helps your floor to ger rid of dirt, dust, silicone particle, and pet hair. You can also sweep the floor if the dirt remains on the laminate floor. Use the process one or two times a day. In time of dry cleaning, there is no need to use any wet substance. It is also appropriate for other types of floors such as hardwood, real wood, and natural & engineered flooring.

If you do not use a robotic vacuum or microfiber dusting mop to clean the hard particle away from the floor surface and start other cleaning methods, you may find some scratches. It is ideal for cleaning the whole laminate floor at first.

Step 2: Sweep The Floor (Mopping)

How To Sweep Laminate Floors

It is an excellent solution to clean the laminate floor with mopping as there are many tools like a dry mop or wet mop. If you use a damp mop to clean your floor regularly, the footprint will get out quickly from the floor. Of course, dry mopping every day is the most straightforward process to get rid of the daily footprint from the surface.

What You Will Need

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Mop
  • Soft Cloths
  • Bucket

The procedure of making the Solution: You can use both cold or regular water, but it will be best to use warm distilled water. The warm water can remove the oily or greasy dirt effortlessly. The warm water also helps to make your laminate floor safe from the infections of many germs.

When your floor gets much dirt that cannot be removed with only warm water, you may apply the homemade cleaning solution or best laminate floor cleaner component to make your floor clean.

How to Avoid Footprints After Mopping? 

  1. Use a mop that is specifically designed for hard floors – this will help prevent trails and footprints.
  2. Work in small areas at a time – Trying to clean the entire floor at once is not only inefficient, but it also leaves more footprints than necessary. Instead, work in smaller areas, and then move on to the next area.
  3. Use less water – When mopping, use only enough water to wet the surface and not wet the floor underneath. This will help reduce the amount of water required to clean the floor and reduce overall footprints.
  4. Mop with a circular motion – Mops with a circular motion are better at distributing water evenly across the surface, which minimizes footprints.
  5. Wear shoes when mopping – When mopping, wear shoes that protect your feet from wet surfaces and debris. This will also help to avoid leaving any footprints behind!
  6. Make sure the floor is completely dry before walking on it – Walking on a wet floor will cause damage that cannot be undone. Make sure to wait until the floor is completely dry before leaving your room or office.

Step 3: Apply Vinegar Solution

For the kitchen cleaning task, vinegar is the most applicable operator. So, if the two option does not work for you, apply the vinegar to clean your laminate floor. I do not mean that you use this solution as a first method.

To make the solution, take around 50ml of vinegar, and put in into 3 liters of distilled water. Just mix it up and pour it into a spray bottle. You have to spray it on the specific footprints and use a dry mop or soft cloth to remove dust.

Step 4: Apply Window Cleaner

If there is any footprint or mark on your laminate, you can use your window cleaner on it. Then wash it with warm water. Apply soft cloths to clean the surface to prevent scratches.

Step 5: Use Nail Polish Remover

Sometimes chewing gum or wax is founded on the laminate floor. Take a plastic knife to remove it carefully, then apply nail polish remover to clean. This method is suitable for any hard type of mark.

How To Prevent Footprints On Laminate Floors

I think you have already gone through on how to keep footprints off laminate floors procedure.

It is also essential to know how to prevent footprints on laminate floors successfully in the most natural way from different types of dirt or footprint. In this case, you will know the professional tips and tricks to stop the footprints from spreading on your laminate floor.

Step 1: Need Regular Cleaning

How To Prevent Footprints

The most useful way to rejuvenate shine is to schedule your cleaning time. You have to be regular at this point. Regular cleaning does not allow any dirt and dust to stay.

I have already experienced the benefits of this process. So now I don’t go deep cleaning procedures often. If you clear daily, the chances of the footprint will be rare to come back. It will act as a prevention for the footprint. So, I would like to encourage you to clean regularly to maintain the nature hardwood floor.

You can go for a deep cleaning once a week, along with a standard cleaning process. This process will make your floor harmless for pets and kids.

Step 2: Apply The Mixture Of Distilled Water And Mineral Spirits

The mixing of water and mineral spirits is one of the best solutions to prevent your laminate floor from catching dirt. When it is concerned cleaning your laminate floor, there is various fragrance-free and low-cost products near you.

After picking the suitable one, you have to take the same amount of mineral spirits and also the same amount of water. It is good to use distilled water; otherwise, you can use normal water. Mix it well, and take a mop to wet.

Mopping a small area and use a microfiber towel. While mopping make sure dampness while moving after that make the area dry immediately. You can also use your old cloth to make the floor dry.

16 Laminate Floor Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Like other, laminate floor is located on the ground and you have to step on it. But it is wise to avoid mistakes while installing laminate on the floor. Most of the time, we may hire a professional to do it.

If you want to install it by yourself, then you have to know the proper process to prevent unnecessary steps on it. So here, I would like to list some common mistakes and how can you fix them.

1. Avoid Tempting Advertise Product

I am not talking about choosing an expensive product. The laminate floor is familiar because of its reasonable price. But you have to realize that a cheap and reasonable price is not the same thing. Attractive advertising products most of the time, produce shorter durability. Then you have to replace it over and over again. So, consider quality, not the price tag.

If you are thinking of hiring a contractor, ask him about his ideas about the quality of brands. Or, if you would like to install your floor by your hand, then get some queries about a good retailer, who is trusted. You can ask them about the product which is suitable for you. It is not mandatory to take the expensive product.

2. Buy Quality Products And Use Less Water On It

Laminate Floor Wipes

We already know that water is the weakness and dangerous substance for the laminate floor. We usually use water to clean dirty floors. The main problem of the laminate floor is, it soaks water and causes swelling, that will never change. Thus, durability depends on how it acts with water.

Choose the product based on its durability. If your floor scratches very quickly, it soaks water and makes damaged. Then you need an emergency to replace it, and on the other hand, the stable product does not contain easy scratches. Quality products always have a various number of designs to choose from. 

3. Use The Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

For daily cleaning, use a dry mop or a dust mop. You can use a spray bottle and a towel to clean any stubborn spot or oily sections only. Avoid wet mopping, but you can use bio cleaner all-natural multi-purpose cleaner. This type of cleaner does not require rinsing.

The best laminate floor cleaning solution contains friendly ingredients such as oils, vinegar, and all other natural ingredients. Effectively removes spills, stains, dirt, dust, oil, and footprints from the laminate floor. These biodegradable ingredients are safe for children and pets.

4. Protect From Sunshine

Try to avoid direct falling sunlight on your laminate floor. The ray of the sun can fade the natural floor looks.

5. Avoid The Wrong Environment

The laminate floor looks good and enhances the internal beauty of your house. But it is not suitable for the wet environment (USA). You will see immediate damage if you use low-quality laminate flooring. On the other hand, high-quality flooring may take time but not survive long for sure.

When you are thinking about laminating your home, it is good to avoid bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and entrance room that has a direct connection with incoming people. If the floor is leaked and you do not take action immediately, it can absorb water, may expand, and damage the whole laminate system.

6. Use The Right Cleaner

Most cleaning products promise us to give excellent cleaning, but everybody does not keep their promises. Some products may fade your laminate floor; it happens especially when you use it too much. Before using the cleaners, you should read the instructions carefully about using them.

If you think the soapy cleaner can help to make your laminate floor clean than usual, then you are wrong. A laminate floor needs good dusting and moping lightly with less water. Choose a good cleaner; otherwise, you can use some mild dishwashing or glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia. You should also be conscious of the unnecessary use of cleaners on your floor.

7. Take Necessary Precaution To Avoid Water Spread On Planting

If you are a plant lover, you have to be very careful about planting on a laminate floor. Leakage or overfill of water can damage your floor. You should be very careful when watering the plant or may use a pad or board under the plant to save the floor.

8. Extra Care When Vacuuming And Sweeping

No doubt your laminate floor needs to be cleaned continuously. Stains are the enemy of the laminate floor; thus, it could make your laminate floor ugly and damage its surface. But if you do not know the actual process of sweeping and vacuuming, your floor will be getting more damage.

You have to use them gently on the laminate floor. In this case, you can turn the roll of the brush off when you use a vacuum cleaner because the brush roll may cause scratches on your floor. A clean old towel or a soft cloth can be better than a broom while sweeping.

9. Rough Laminate Flooring

If your floor is not flat, it may damage your laminate floor. When it is a matter of uneven subfloor, it may have some gap in installation. So it has a strong possibility to create breakage if there will be more movement. Also, there may be some cracks open that may contaminate the water. If so, then it will do significant internal damage.

10. Conscious About Your Pet

The food of your pet and water may damage your laminate floor because your pet is not conscious enough to protect the floor like you. So you can use a pad or something else, that can protect your floor from scratches and being wet.

11. Select Sponge Type Mop

Dry mopping is suitable for your laminate floor, as water is the enemy of the laminate floor. Chose such a mop that does not spread or smear more water. You can use a sponge-type mop because they circulate less water and do not make scratches. Choose your mop which can only dump not saturated with water.

12. Use A Furniture Pad

When you have a beautiful home, it is a must of having beautiful furniture. Use a furniture pad at the bottom of your furniture that contains much weight. It helps to protect the laminate floor from scratches and exterminate them.

13. Buying From Good Retailer

When you are ready to pay for your laminate floor, be sure that you have enough knowledge about the retail company or manufacturer’s warranty. Always reliable company is preferred.

If you face any problems in their product, you may return or exchange the product within a month or six months after installing it. Some companies may offer a 1-year warranty for their products. About hiring a contractor, be careful; they are reliable and able to help when you need them to fix your problem.

14. Avoid Toxic Products

Some products may contain formaldehyde. Once you install them, they can release their toxic smoke into your home, which can harm your health. The low type of product may include such poisonous ingredients. Before purchasing, ask your retailer about the product materials.

15. Careful About Streaky

There is another problem issue of a laminate floor is striped on the floor also after having a mop. To solve this problem, try to use a reputable branded quality cleaner.

Try to use a soft microfiber towel or buff to dry after mopping. Although every floor type is different from others, some may attract stripes more than others. Try this way, and it will solve your problems.

16. Do It Yourself With Proper skill

When you know well about installing a laminate floor, you can save money. When you make your mind to install it by yourself, make sure you know the ins and outs about installing a laminate floor.

If you make mistakes, you will be suffering more. Because you don’t get anyone to help you, so, think again to do it yourself. It is not wise to do it without gathering decent information about installing a laminate floor.

Final Thoughts

I hope this discussing above can help you. Now it depends up to you. I have described the procedures, but while cleaning regularly, you might have your techniques. 

If you are thinking of using commercial products, choose very carefully. Because all the cleaning products are not suitable for the laminate floor. For purchasing any home cleaner product, it is better to consult with a home care professional.

There is a lot to learn about the laminate floor, but I think you already have explicit knowledge about how to prevent footprints on laminate floors and how to keep footprints off laminate floors.

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