How To Remove Wax From Laminate Floor

How to remove wax from laminate floor

The first thing people notice when they enter your house is the floor. You can make an awesome impression. But the problem comes when you drop a bit of wax on the floor. It becomes a pain when that wax makes the floor sticky. The wax catches the dirt very quickly, which makes your beautiful floor look dark and dirty. 

But don’t worry if you are facing the same problem and don’t know how to remove wax from laminate floor. 

Today I will discuss how to get wax off laminate floor. I will give some extra tips on how to remove wax off the laminate floor here too. 

The laminate floor reflects an image of natural wood. They are aesthetic, hard enough to take the pressure. The shiny glow of the surface layer is just enough to get anyone’s attention. And there is nothing better than a laminate floor for their aesthetic vibe. When it is caught by wax, you will need the following tools and equipment to remove wax from the laminate floor.

  • Vacuum cleaner / Microfiber mop
  • Bucket / Ice bag
  • Plastic scraper / Butter knife / Teaspoon
  • Hairdryer / Iron
  • White clean cloth / Sponge / Sheet / Cotton towel
  • Vinegar / Lemon / Baking Soda / Warm Water

All are not required to clean up wax from the laminate floor. Keep reading and you will know the process as well. 

How To Remove Wax From Laminate Floor – Most Efficient Way

You can remove the stain off your floor very quickly if you take some necessary steps. The basic steps to remove the wax off your laminate floor are: 

Vacuum Laminate Floors

Step 1: Start With The Vacuum Cleaner

If you ask me what the first step should be for how to remove wax off the laminate floor, I will say vacuum the floor first. Just go and grab a vacuum cleaner and turn it to the maximum power. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. It will remove a maximum amount of wax at once. Don’t turn off the vacuum cleaner until you are sure that a wholesome of wax is now off the floor. 

Step 2: Scrape Gently With Plastic Scraper Or Butter Knife

Butter Knife

Once you are done with the vacuum, start to scrape the wax with a plastic scraper or a butter knife. Try to remove the maximum of the remaining wax by scraping. 

For a plastic scraper, it is much easier to scrap. So, I would suggest you use a plastic scraper. But in case if you don’t have one, then you can use a butter knife too. If you are using a butter knife, make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on the floor. It can damage the floor. 

Step 3: Use Microfiber Mop And Cleaning Power

When you need more cleaning power, make use of a microfiber mop and cleaning power. Make sure the microfiber mop is wet enough. Also, you should read the instructions and be sure it is safe for your laminate floors. You can utilize a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution to the floor. Use as little as you can because too much use of a commercial cleaner leaves streaks and makes the floor looking dull.

Microfiber Mop

Make Use Of Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaner

You will be delighted to know that you can make a laminate floor cleaner right now at your home. You don’t have to spend extra money for that. 

1.Don't Underestimate The Power Of Warm Water With Vinegar

Take a bucket of warm water and 2 cups of vinegar. Pour the vinegar in the bucket of warm water to make a solution. Damp a sponge in the vinegar solution and sweep the floor with that damp sponge. The vinegar mixture is beneficial to clean off the wax from the laminate floor. 

2.Use Mineral Sprite

If you have enough ventilation facilities, then you can use mineral spirits or paint thinner to remove wax from the laminate floor. Before applying any of these, make use to wear gloves and eye protection.

Natural Ways To Remove Wax

Lemon Juice Treatment

I guess the above process, tips and tricks will help you out. But if you want to remove wax from the laminate floor in a natural way, and save money; then this way is also available in this article: Best Laminate Floor Cleaner For Shine

Well, it is much better and exciting if you use natural elements to remove the wax off. Here is a special tip for you so that you can effectively remove wax.

Lemon Juice Treatment

Lemon juice is an effective wax remover for laminate floors. You can use some lemons on the wax if you want. The essence of lemon works well on the laminate floor. The lemon drives away the stickiness of wax very quickly. The scent of lemon also works as a deodorant. It will drive away from the stinky smell of wax from the floor.

Getting Wax Out Of Carpets

Getting Wax Out Of Carpets

Use Vacuum: vacuum the carpet at first. Keep the vacuum in full efficiency.

1.Carefully Use Plastic Scraper And Butter Knife

You can use a plastic scraper to scrape the wax from the laminate floor. But for carpets, it is better to use a butter knife. Be careful not to dab the knife too much. Press the knife smoothly over the carpet. Take your time. Don’t rush for it, or it will make a hole in it.

2.Give Heat Without Direct Contact

Place a wet cotton towel, sheet, or soft cloth on the wax and give heat with an iron. Make sure the cloth you are using has no hole. Otherwise, the iron may come with the conduct of the wax and ruin your carpet for once and all. Just press the iron on the cloth gently. The wax will come off the mat instantly.

3.You Can Use Carpet Cleaner

You can make a carpet cleaner at home. You will need 1 cup of vinegar, 2 cups of warm water, two teaspoons of salt, and 10-15 drops of pine oil or any other essential oil. Now make a solution.

4.Make Use Of Liquid Cleaner Spray

Spray the carpet cleaner and sweep the carpet with a dry cloth. 

5.You Can Also Make Homemade cleaner

You will need a cup of borax, a cup of baking soda, one teaspoon of lemon oil, and one teaspoon of salt too. Mix these ingredients and make a perfect solution. Apply this homemade cleaner on your carpet using a spoon. Keep the carpet with the cleaner for a few hours. Then you can give a final wash to your carpet.

Getting Wax Out Of Stone

Getting Wax Out Of Stone

Here are some tips on getting wax out of stone:

  1. Rub some ice on the wax until it becomes hard. Better if you use an ice bag.
  2. Use a blunt knife to chop off the wax. Try to remove as much as possible using the knife.
  3. Use paper bags or towels on the wax and heat it with an iron. 
  4. Use a vinegar cleaner, or you can use rubbing alcohol. Clean the stone thoroughly. Try not to use ammonia-based cleaners on the stone. It may cause damage to the stone.
  5. You can use paint thinner for further help. But make sure if it is safe to use.
  6. Finally, mop it with a wet sponge carefully.

Pro Tips On How To Get Wax Off Laminate Floors

If you are going to remove wax off the laminate floor for the first time and don’t know how to get wax off laminate floor, here are nine proven professional tips for you. 

How to shine laminate floors

1.Use Ice Bag

Take an ice bag and place it on the wax. When the wax becomes hard, it is more comfortable with scrapping. But make sure that the bag is sealed from every side. Otherwise, water can get spilled over the floor, and the moisture will swell the floor.

2.Scrap In One Direction

Don’t scrape the floor disorderly. Scrap it from up to down in one direction. Otherwise, the wax can spread to the other parts of the floor. Scrap with caution. You can use a plastic scraper or a butter knife in this case. 

3.Heat Therapy

Once you have removed the maximum amount of wax by scraping, use a hairdryer or an iron to make it warm. First, put a clean and damp cloth on the wax and then heat it. The heat will suck by the wax. You may warm the cloth for at least 30 seconds, and once the cloth is dry, damp it once more and reheat it until the rest of the wax is not removed.

Make sure you are using a new cloth. Old cloth may pass the heat directly to the floor, which will cause harm to your floor. Try to keep the temperature at a required level.

4.Always Try To Use White Cloth

It is better to use a white cloth to mop. The colorful cloth can emit color when it is wet and ruin the beautiful laminate floor.   

5.Baking Soda

Baking soda on laminate floor

If there is a smell of wax still coming from your floor, just spread one teaspoon of baking soda on the floor. Then wait for a few hours. The baking soda will work as a deodorant and remove the wax-smell from the floor.

6.Final Sweep

When you are done with all the steps to remove the wax from the laminate floor, take one damp cloth and one dry cloth. First, sweep the floor with a wet cloth. Finally, give another sweep with the dry cloth (as it is better to keep the laminate floor dry).

7.Try Not To Use Ammonia

It is better not to use ammonia to clean the laminate floor. Ammonia can dull the brightness of your floor.

8.Oil Soap Wash Regularly

It is perfect for your laminate floor if you wash it with oil soap frequently. It will keep the laminate floor shining.

9.Choose The Best Mop

Choose a mop that can serve you well. A lot of mops don’t absorb the water properly. Even after mopping, a lot of water remains on the floor. So, choosing a mop is very crucial.

Final Thoughts

The laminate floor inevitably increases the beauty of your house. The exotic designs printed on the floor make your mind delightful. But it is quite embarrassing when wax spots ruin the lovely floor just in a moment. So, it is necessary to know how to remove wax from laminate floor. And it is such an easy and effortless process I can tell you that.

You have all the ingredients and tools in your house to remove wax off from the laminate floor. From vacuum cleaner to plastic scrapers, from hairdryer to baking soda, you have it all in your hand. So, you don’t have to spend a single penny for the wax removing process.

You can even make the homemade laminate floor cleaner just with warm water, vinegar, and a bit of lemon juice. And most of them are natural elements, as you can see. Now, as you know how to remove wax from laminate floors, let’s hope you will never have any difficulty or stress with the wax.

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